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My husband drove through Kansas last summer with a friend hauling a U-Haul trailer and they had to drive somewhat slowly on a very windy day and they also encountered a blinding dust storm. As a result he didn't have a very fond remembrance of the state.

We did spend quite a few hours travelling through Kansas on our trips this summer. Fortunately the weather was nice and there were no storms. I rather enjoyed seeing the vast fields of wheat and the many, many windmills.

We stopped at a welcome center and I picked up a booklet about Kansas. While looking at it I noticed an article about a restaurant which sounded like it would be the perfect spot to stop for lunch. We were able to find Al's Chickenette in Hays, Kansas without any trouble. It did not disappoint--our meal was delicious and our waitress was very personable. If you are ever in Hays plan to stop there. 🙂

After visiting our friends in Colorado, on our way back east, we spent the night at a bed and breakfast called Abilene's Victorian Inn in Abilene, Kansas.

We had planned to stay there and visit the Eisenhower Presidential Library but decided we didn't have enough time to enjoy it fully. We did stop and peruse the visitor's center and looked at his boyhood home.

The Victorian Inn was charming. The owners thought of every detail, including a gourmet breakfast cooked by Adrian, who is a professional chef. It was less expensive than most chain hotels and was a wonderful place to visit. We stayed in the Eisenhower Room.

We arrived there in the afternoon and the Innkeepers suggested several places we might want to go for supper. We chose to eat at the Brookville Hotel.

The dinner was a bit of a splurge, but was delicious. It was a family style chicken dinner. We shall always think fondly of Kansas for it's delicious chicken from now on. 🙂

The town of Abilene had many beautiful old homes and several were available for touring if we had had the time.

After this trip Rob has a much better opinion of Kansas. 🙂

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Last summer when Rob was helping our friend drive the U-Haul back to Greenville from Oregon the two of them stopped and camped overnight near Arches National Park. They both hiked to the famous Delicate Arch and were awed by the many beautiful sights there. When we began planning our trip to visit our friends in Denver Rob discussed the possibility of once again visiting Moab with our friends Steve and Karen. Neither of them had ever visited that area and we were able to go with them.

When we told people we were going to Utah many people strongly encouraged us to also go to Canyonlands National Park.

We drove into Moab on a very scenic highway where the views were just beautiful. On that highway we passed the campground where Rob and David had camped last year along the Colorado River. We arrived in the afternoon and checked into Moab Beds and Bagels where we were spending the night.

Our hostess advised us to grab some sandwiches and drive directly to Canyonlands where we could watch the sunset. We were very glad for her advice. Canyonlands was breathtakingly beautiful and was the highlight of the trip for me.

The next morning we ate a quick breakfast in our rooms (bagels and other easy to grab and go type foods were in a small refrigerator in each room), then we headed out to Arches National Park. Pictures cannot do Arches justice. All of the rock formations are much larger than they appear in our photographs. We didn't do any of the strenuous hiking that Rob did last summer but we did pull off of the road often and did hike up to observe some of the points of interest. We were all awed by the unusual rock formations and the beauty of God's creation.

The two days we were in Utah the temperatures were in the low 80's, which was unusually cool. We were very thankful. If you ever have an opportunity to visit I would encourage you to take it. You can enjoy these two parks immensely even if you are not interested in strenuous hiking. There were beautiful things to see and contemplate for miles in every direction.

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