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A Christmas project

We've been keeping busy at our house for the last few days doing ordinary things. The public schools were off for vacation for two days since they hadn't needed snow days this year and I took advantage of my days off to do some shopping and a bit of organizing. I cooked up most of the last of the fall apples stored out in the garage refrigerator and made about ten pints of applesauce for in the freezer. I've also had some ear and eye problems since my trip which have necessitated a few doctor visits.

While I was up in Michigan last month Rob was busy here at home painting Mark's old bedroom. We had picked out the color earlier but he surprised me by painting it while I was gone. He and Mark put up the bunk beds too. Over the weekend we hung the curtains and a little bunting I made for over the window. There are still several other projects we plan for in that room, but little by little they will be accomplished. Our goal is to implement some storage for craft materials, books and toys into the room as well as a place for the littles to sleep when they are here visiting. Here's a picture showing the new wall color and the black-out curtains (for promoting good napping conditions!) and the plaid bunting I made:

Shortly before Christmas I went to a nearby store where I often purchase thread and fabrics. Judy has a beautiful selection of fabrics and also offers some classes and does long-arm quilting. I was intrigued by a Christmas table topper on display. I purchased the pattern and the kit of fabrics to make it and promised myself that I would begin working on it after I finished the quilt for Maddie. The table topper was fun to make and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I tried to be extremely careful in cutting it out since the yardage was from the kit and I knew it would be very hard to find more of the fabrics if I made a mess of it. They had some samples of the various steps of making the quilt and I took pictures of those to help me remember how to place the fabrics. It's all pieced and basted and just needs a few simple rows of machine stitching through all the layers and it will be ready for the dining room table next Christmas.

Here is the nearly completed table topper:

What kind of projects have you been working on lately?


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1 Comment on “A Christmas project”

  1. #1 Carrie
    on Mar 18th, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Your bunting is so cute! I like the yellow you picked too. I’m working on hand quilting my little quilt for Abigail. She’s coming home tomorrow (!) so I’d better get going!

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