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A couple of delightful comments

I thought you all might enjoy reading a couple of comments I received today about Fels-Naptha soap.

The first comment was from V.S. in Ohio:

"MY mom used felsnaptha a lot when I was growing up. She shaved some for the laundry & made a suds of it to clean her wool parlor carpet. Grandma always said a bar of soap is cheap & you can wash your dishes,your body & your clothes & your floors,so no need to live dirty! Oh the memories."

The second comment was from E.C. here in South Carolina:

"Dear Mrs. Loach,

I don't wish to enter the opportunity to win a free bar of Fels Naptha soap, but I would like to share some memories with you.

I hope the free bars are won by the mothers of young children who work so hard to wash the red dirt out of the knees of small jeans, and little white anklets.

We lived in the country when I was a child, just a couple of miles from the home of Grampa, Grama, and an Uncle in southeastern Iowa. They always had 2 soap dishes beside the wash pan on their wash stand. One soap dish contained Ivory soap for Grama. The other held Fels Naptha for the men to use when they came in with hands and fingernails dirty from caring for their sheep and team of horses, farm work, or repairing machinery.

We grandchildren and our cousins thought the Fels Naptha stung our faces. But it DID get us clean! The Ivory made our skin feel stiff -- I guess it is rather drying. I wonder if Grama ever knew Fels Naptha could take stains out of clothing. That bar beside the sink lasted and lasted. The men were careful with the bar, and used it until it was so thin you could probably have read the newspaper through it! When it split into two pieces, they put them together and used them as one until they fell into bitty pieces.

That was during the '30's when money was scarce and there were not the many varieties of soap available. Later on, every elementary school child in our area received a free bar of delightfully fragrant, pretty, reddish-color Lifebuoy bath soap. The gift came with a chart we were to take home and note with a check mark each time we used our Lifebuoy soap to wash our hands before meals, after play or taking a bath. After two weeks (if memory is correct) we were to take our charts back to the teacher to show how well we had done. (I'm sure there were lots of empty check-areas on most of our charts, which embarrassed us, but the experience was good for our education.)"

I enjoyed reading their comments and thought you might like them too.

Be sure to comment to my previous post so you can be entered into the drawing.


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1 Comment on “A couple of delightful comments”

  1. #1 Sonia Johnson
    on Nov 29th, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    Now I know why my great aunt always had Lifebuoy! I never knew anyone else who used it.

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