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A much maligned vegetable

Do you like beets? I never cared for them when I was a child. My mother would cook them plain with salt, pepper, and butter and she would also make Pickled Beets and add some hard cooked eggs. When I was in college my grandmother prepared Harvard Beets while I was visiting her and I discovered I did like them after all. Now I like them just about any way I have tried them.

In France you can buy them already cooked in a vacuum sealed bag in the produce department. I have had many a delicious beet salad over there made with those precooked beets. The beets are usually shredded or diced and have a vinaigrette dressing, perhaps with a little mayonnaise. They are sometimes combined with apples and walnuts or other nuts. I have seen the precooked beets locally at Ingles.

I regret to say that none of my children have become fond of beets. Rob and I do like them though. I especially like the pickled beets on a salad. One of my favorite combinations is romaine lettuce, peas, chopped hard cooked egg, and sliced or diced pickled beets topped with Ranch dressing. Here's a picture:

I have never tried roasting fresh beets, but I have often seen it done on cooking shows. It's supposed to bring out the sweetness of the beets.

On a totally unrelated thought I want to post a picture of this lovely plant that my friend Sonia gave me this week. I wanted to post it while it is still alive and well!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.