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A new favorite

Years ago we were invited to someone's home after church on a Sunday evening and she served hot ham and cheese sandwiches individually wrapped in foil. She had put them together ahead of time and then heated them in the oven after church.

A few weeks ago I decided to try making the sandwiches and wrapping them in foil and putting them in the crockpot just before leaving for church. I made the sandwiches using buns, ham, dijonaisse (a mustard/mayo combination), olive salad, and cheese. I put them in the crockpot on low temperature and they were just perfect by the time we returned home.


I have also been making these sandwiches for Rob to take to work and reheat in his little mini crockpot. Have you heard of these? I saw them mentioned on a blog last year and we ordered one on Amazon. Since then I have seen them locally at Target. They are just perfect for reheating a single serving of leftovers for lunch. This might be a great Christmas gift idea for your favorite office worker or college student. 🙂


What are your favorite things to serve after church on Sunday nights?

Buddy Update:
Rob took pity on Buddy and scrubbed his face and neck with baby shampoo. Buddy has been diligently working on other soiled areas and is looking much better. Rob also installed a large piece of plexiglass in front of the opening of the fireplace to prevent further exploration. As I write this Buddy is sitting on top of the desk staring at the ceiling. Apparently he's a social climber.


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1 Comment on “A new favorite”

  1. #1 Ann B.
    on Nov 1st, 2013 at 11:45 am

    My favorite thing to serve after church on Sunday night: Cereal!!! By that time of day, I don’t really care what we eat. 🙂 Are you appalled?!! 🙂

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