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A quiz and a recipe

I tried a new recipe last week that called for this ingredient:

Do you know what these are? I plan to post that recipe soon, but I'll give you a chance to guess first. 🙂

In the meantime I tried a new recipe for supper tonight that Megan had made for us while we were up visiting her family over Christmas and we really enjoyed it. I saw the recipe posted on another blog and decided to make it this week. The recipe for this soup uses kale:

I had never eaten or used kale before this. It seems to keep its bright green color better than many green vegetables and it's not bitter like collards. (I have never been able to develop a liking for collards, sorry Cathy.) You could probably substitute baby spinach for the kale if you would prefer.

I'll be looking forward to see who is the first to identify the mystery ingredient.


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9 Comments on “A quiz and a recipe”

  1. #1 Ann B.
    on Jan 23rd, 2012 at 9:08 pm


    The soup recipe is very similar to the Zuppa Toscana soup from Olive Garden. I have a recipe and have made it at home for our son a couple of times.

  2. #2 Deb
    on Jan 23rd, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    Hmmm…don’t really have a clue on the mystery ingredient. I’ve never had kale either even though it’s supposed to be great for your health. I just bookmarked a recipe for a kale smoothie…not sure I’d like it! (I tried to find the link to include but couldn’t–I will if it comes to light.)

  3. #3 Hannah
    on Jan 23rd, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    Are they capers? That’s what first came to mind, but I have never used them and actually pictured them rounder.

    The soup looks good and reminds me of the Zuppa Toscana at Olive Garden.

  4. #4 Becka
    on Jan 24th, 2012 at 8:13 am

    Hannah, no they are not capers. Good guess. I do have a picture of capers on my post on olive salad if you would like to see what they look like.

  5. #5 Becka
    on Jan 24th, 2012 at 8:21 am

    Ann B., no it is not edamame. Someone did email me with the correct answer, so I will try to post the answer later today. I have never tried that soup at Olive Garden. I love the Pasta Fagioli so that’s the one I usually choose.

  6. #6 Carrie
    on Jan 24th, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    I am eagerly waiting to see what those adorable little greens are. :o) I love Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana. Maybe I’ll make it!

  7. #7 Ann B.
    on Jan 25th, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Here is the knock-off recipe for the Olive Garden soup if you are interested.

    Olive Garden Toscana Soup
    3/4 cup onions, diced 1/8 inch
    1 slice bacon, 1/4?inch diced
    1 1/4 teaspoon garlic cloves, minced
    1 ounce chicken bouillon
    1 quart water
    2 medium potatoes, cut in half length?wise,
    then cut in 1/4?inch slices
    2 cups cavallo greens (kale can be substituted),
    cut in half, then sliced into 1/16?inch strips
    1 1/2 cups sausage link ? spicy, pre?cooked, cut in half
    length?wise, then cut at an angle into 1/2?inch slices
    3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
    Place sausage link onto sheet pan and bake in 300 degree oven for
    15 to 20 minutes or until done.
    Place onions and bacon into 3 to 4 quart saucepan and cook onions
    over medium heat until the onions are almost clear. Add garlic and
    cook for 1 minute.

    Add chicken bouillon, water and potatoes, bring to a simmer for 15 minutes.
    Add remaining ingredients then simmer for 5 more minutes and serve.

  8. #8 Cathy Lane
    on Jan 29th, 2012 at 10:24 am

    Now, Becka, collards are not always bitter. That is why some people include a little sugar in their recipe. The batch I just cooked last week, not bitter and almost as good as Mom’s.

  9. #9 Becka
    on Feb 1st, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Cathy L, I probably just did not use the correct recipe when I have tried to fix collards. I know many people who love them. We did enjoy the Kale though and thought it tasted kind of like broccoli. I used it in the soup and then I sauteed some with some garlic in a little olive oil.

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