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An ordinary week

We have had an ordinary week around here, which is nice from time to time. Classes are in full swing over at school and we have been plugging away at some projects here at home.

I'm making good progress on the wedding sewing. I have the flower girl dress and two of the bridesmaids dresses ready for their final fittings and have started in on another of the dresses. Three of the four bridesmaids are from out of town. One girl is local but has just had a new baby so I am doing her dress last.

Nora has been busy trying to tie up some loose ends. The biggest problem seems to be regarding the reception area. It's apparently not large enough for the expected number of guests so she is seeking a creative alternative--perhaps a tent? We would appreciate your prayers. I'm sure it will all work out, but these are busy days.

At work we are just starting to implement a new computer program, so that too is adding some stress. In the end it should be very helpful, but there's quite a distance to go in the meantime. 🙂

We recently celebrated DS Mark's birthday. We had a small celebration at our house the day before his actual birthday. This should be a very exciting year for him and Katie as they anticipate the birth of a son in early April. The baby is due the same week as Nora's wedding. 🙂

picture of Mark's 28th birthday

Last night I tried a new recipe that I saw in last Sunday's newspaper. It was really delicious, so I will post the link for you. I had a couple of sweet potatoes that I needed to use so that is the main reason I decided to try it. I did brine the chicken, but I don't really think that that step was necessary. When I make it again I plan to put the chicken in with the vegetables at the beginning of the cooking time and then add the cream and cheese halfway through. We like our chicken very tender and I didn't think 35 mins. was quite long enough. The vegetable mixture was extremely tasty--it would be a great side dish on its own.

Have a blessed weekend!


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