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Candle Tips

I've been taking down and putting away Christmas decorations this week and that made me think about a couple of candle tips that might be useful at this time of year. I have a pretty Christmas tea light burner that has a tea light underneath and you put a scented wax disk in the top and it melts. The first year I used it I was concerned about how to remove the wax. It would be very hot and possibly dangerous to remove it while it was melted and it seemed like a pretty messy job to chip out the wax after it hardened. I read somewhere that if you freeze candle wax it is easily removed. It truly is! I just stick the burner in the freezer for a bit and the wax pops right out very easily. This also works for taper candles which have wax melted down into the holders.

Another tip concerns old candles. I had a set of decorative candles on my fireplace mantel for a number of years and they got rather sticky on the outside. I thought I was going to have to throw them out when I read a tip about cleaning them with rubbing alcohol. I tried this using quite a few cotton balls to clean the candles and was pleasantly surprised at how well this worked.

So, if you are facing some candle clean up perhaps these tips will be helpful. I hope all of you are having a wonderfully blessed new year.


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1 Comment on “Candle Tips”

  1. #1 Vikki
    on Jan 5th, 2012 at 8:18 am

    The freezer trick works great on getting the melted wax out of votive cups too. If the cup is wider on the bottom than at the top, the frozen wax will also breaks easier than room temperature wax and, once broken, the individual pieces just pop out of the cup. Rinse them in a little hot water afterwards and dry with a towel and they come out clean, clear and ready for new votive candles.

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