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How I saved $141.50 with one purchase!


Like many other people we planned to do some Christmas decorating after Thanksgiving. We got out our artificial Christmas tree and attempted to set it up only to discover that the base was cracked and that the screws were stripped. Fortunately we had the original paperwork which came with the tree and Rob emailed the company asking if replacement parts were available. Unfortunately the company quickly wrote back and said that they would have loved to send us a free replacement part but that they were no longer available.

So, I've been looking around for trees at several stores this week. We thought if we were getting a new tree we would try to get a pre-lit tree this time. I found some which I really liked but they were already out of stock. I went to Walmart and saw a tree that I liked but discovered that the display model was the only one left and it cost $149.00. Near the display of trees I saw a stack of replacement tree stands which cost $7.50. I bought the replacement tree stand and we were very thankful to discover that it works with our tree! We're actually thinking of buying a spare to further prolong the life of this tree.


So far while Buddy and Ryan both have been very interested in the Christmas tree it is still standing firm. 🙂


When I was a teenager we had a cat that actually climbed up our real Christmas tree. Another year we had a tree which had pine cones on it and as the tree warmed up the seeds from the pine cones would "pop" out of the tree and go flying across the room.

Would any of you care to share any Christmas tree stories?


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4 Comments on “How I saved $141.50 with one purchase!”

  1. #1 Tawnja
    on Dec 6th, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    When I was growing up in Europe, we used to have real trees with real candles in it that we lit – and a bucket of water nearby, just in case! We never did have a fire.

  2. #2 Rhonda
    on Dec 6th, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    Do I have Christmas tree stories! Lots of them! We have always had real trees–it’s part of the tradition. And we also name every tree. This year’s tree is named Eve–Christmas Eve. 🙂 My daughter always decides whether it’s a boy or a girl and we go from there. We had a tall tree one year that got front-loaded with ornaments from the little girl in the household who helped trim the tree. Yes, it fell over in the night. We had a huge Douglas Fir bush one year. We bought such a big tree that my husband had to cut so much off that it was just a great big bush that we shoved in the corner. My husband frequently under-estimates the size of a tree on the lot. 🙂 Our favorite story, however, is the white pine we bought that hatched pine aphids once the tree warmed up in the house. I was pregnant at the time–and an emotional mess–so I got hysterical when I discovered the tiny “spiders” coming out of the furniture (I thought!). Yep… we’ve got lots of tree stories!

  3. #3 Marilyn
    on Dec 8th, 2013 at 6:40 am

    We’ve had our Christmas tree since 1975 and I always thought it would see us through this life on earth. Last year we started a new tradition (or rather our grandson did). Our GS suprised us by assembling the tree all by himself and did it again this year! But now I’m not so sure the tree is going to last til my demise!

  4. #4 Deb
    on Dec 8th, 2013 at 7:35 am

    Well, when I read your question about tree stories…somehow I knew Rhonda would comment! LOL! I’ve heard her tree stories and am so glad I heard them rather than experienced them! 🙂

    My main memory of Christmas trees growing up (when we used real trees) involves a little girl (me!) who was so deathly afraid of our tree catching fire that she was obsessive about making sure the tree had plenty of water in the base. One time I so over-watered that several gifts under the tree were soaking wet.

    In our 33 years of marriage, we’ve never had a real tree! And I thoroughly enjoy our artificial tree that won’t catch fire! Love your frugal saving of the tree, Becka!

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