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Do you ever get inspired to try something new when you read about it on a blog? I do all the time. Many of the recipes that I have tried in recent months are ones I have read or read about on different cooking blogs such as Tammy's Recipes or Pioneer Woman Cooks.

I have also been inspired to sew more after looking at all the creative things that people make at sites such as Sew Mama Sew and Sew Chic. I recently tried this pattern after reading about it and seeing a finished garment made from it at Sew Chic:

picture of shirt pattern

Here's a picture of my shirt:

picture of new shirt

If you are interested it's Simplicity 3790.

I am also constantly challenged to read and study when I read Bet's posts over at Dappled Things. Brenda at Coffee Tea Books and Me recently posted a list of books and movies that prompted me to try a couple of new authors from the library. She has also encouraged me to beef up my pantry storage.

Carrie at My Stream in the Desert has wonderful posts about her family's adventures this year in Alaska as well as encouragement from God's word. Deb at Mountain Musings also blogs about her family's adventures and their walk with the Lord.

Jimmie at Jimmies Collage writes a great deal about home schooling but also details her fascinating life in China. Carol over at Scooter Finazzio writes hilarious posts about her life in Asia. Cheryl at Copper's Wife also writes about home schooling as well as many other family oriented topics. I have tried a number of her recipes as well.

Two of my all time favorite bloggers are Rob the IVMan and Megan who blogs about The Happy Little Hawkins Family (which includes pictures and stories of my favorite grandson!)

Can you tell I enjoy reading blogs and have been inspired by them? All of these blogs are now listed in my blogroll in the sidebar if you would like to check them out sometime.

One of my readers contacted me last week to ask what I had done with my old stove when we replaced it last weekend. It was sitting in our garage at that point and here it is in its new home:

picture of Alice's stove

Do you have any stories to share how you have been inspired by reading blogs?


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1 Comment on “Inspiration”

  1. #1 Deb
    on Jun 19th, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    Becka, thank you for mentioning our blog! YES! Blogs inspire me! I have been much inspired to try many recipes on various blogs (yours being one of them with the Apricot Muffins that’s become one of our favorites). I have soooo many recipes saved in my Word recipe folder–mostly all from blogs. I just recently started reading Joy the Baker, and she posted a recipe this week for Blackberry Pie Bars with Lemon Sugar that I will definitely try when our blackberries are ready for picking.

    And the quilting blogs that I frequent really get me excited about seeing how other quilters put colors together, trying new quilt patterns, and also buying more fabric! Hmm..maybe the buying instead of looking isn’t good though! 🙂

    Thanks for your blog!

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