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Keep Calm and Succeed!

Keep Calm and Succeed was the theme chosen for the program held last evening here in Greenville County to honor the outstanding students from area high schools and the teachers who were chosen from each school to be the Teacher of the Year. We got to attend because our son, Mark, was the teacher of the year from his school, Gateway Elementary.

We were served a nice meal which included salad, rolls, beef stew, and cheesecake. The stew was a special treat for us since we haven't been buying much beef because of the prices. We sat at a table with Mark and his wife Katie, his principal and vice principal, and two of his fellow teachers in his grade level. They were a very congenial group and we enjoyed meeting them. They gave Mark a very nice stylus for his iPad to congratulate him.

When we first arrived and while we were eating there was a slideshow of all the honored teachers. Each slide had a picture of the teacher and told where he/she taught. During the program the teachers were asked to stand as a group while the audience applauded.

The students who were being honored each went up to the platform and the MC (Dale Gilbert) told about their accomplishments in high school, their plans for the future, and their parents names. We learned that there are a lot of really accomplished students here in our community.

One very touching moment occurred at the end of the program when everyone was preparing to leave. Two of the young students came to our table to speak with Mark. These two boys, Sam and Joe were in Mark's class the first year he taught 5th grade. They also helped hand out programs at Mark and Katie's Wedding that year. It was really special to see them again and to see how they have developed their talents over the last seven years.

We were very thankful to be able to participate in this special evening in Mark's life.