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Links to a few more new recipes


Today we have so many sources for new recipes -- magazines, newspapers, blogs, Pinterest, etc. Since I cook for just the two of us most of the time I often find I have small amounts of various ingredients leftover. When I saw this idea for making Mini Lasagnas I thought it would be perfect for using up some ricotta cheese that was in the freezer. DD Nora gave me some leftover wonton wrappers that she had in her freezer and I had everything else on hand. They go together quickly and are very tasty. I baked these in silicone cupcake liners, but they are not essential if you spray the muffins tins thoroughly.

Do be sure to let them cool a few minutes in the pan before you try to remove them or they will be difficult to unmold.

A friend from church recently posted on Facebook a picture of this recipe which she had tried. I had everything on hand for this one except the enchilada sauce. I found this recipe which made enough sauce for two batches of the soup. I froze one portion for future use. Both Rob and I really liked this. If you make the sauces ahead of time this goes together very quickly. I didn't have Rotel tomatoes so substituted regular tomatoes with a pinch of red pepper flakes.

This summer friends took us to a Chinese restaurant and we had some delicious lettuce wraps as an appetizer. Aldi has recently started carrying fresh ground chicken and when I saw this recipe I decided to try making some lettuce wraps at home. Once again I substituted a few red pepper flakes for the chili garlic sauce. Can you tell I'm a wimp when it comes to hot, spicy foods? We both really liked these wraps and I plan to make them again.

What are some of your favorite sources for recipes and cooking inspiration?


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1 Comment on “Links to a few more new recipes”

  1. #1 Deb
    on Oct 15th, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    Becka, looks like I have some new recipes to try…especially the Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup. Looks delicious! Thank you for the links!

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