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Local Grandchildren Update

My summer "vacation" lasted a bit longer than normal since my daughter-in-law, Katie was on maternity leave until mid-September. So, just last week I started baby-sitting both Ryan and little Avery. Things have been going pretty well so far and there has just been one time when both were crying simultaneously. 🙂

Ryan's vocabulary has increased by leaps and bounds over the summer. He still loves construction equipment and he also enjoys coloring and reading books. He absolutely loves to sing and when he's upset I can often diffuse a bad mood by starting to sing a song.

Here he is with a little construction vehicle:


Here he is singing Oh Be Careful Little Lips What You Say:


Avery has filled out nicely and is now sleeping through the night. She smiles when you talk to her and is becoming quite vocal making all sorts of little shrieks and squeals of delight. Since she sleeps so much at night she often just takes short "cat naps"during the day.

Here is a rather solemn pose:


Here is a smiling pose that her Aunt Nora captured this week:


Mark and Katie are adjusting to having two children. Friends told us years ago that one child is a novelty and two children are a family. 🙂 This has been a big year for them. Mark finished his master's degree in the spring and then Avery was born in July. Mark was named "Teacher of the Year" at his school. There was a special breakfast at a restaurant for all the teachers of the year in the county and he was given a gift certificate to purchase things for his classroom at a teacher store. Perhaps the best perk of all is that he was given a reserved parking spot for this year! We are very proud of him and his accomplishments.

Each of our children, their spouses, and their children are very precious to us and we are truly thankful to see the Lord working in their lives.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend and enjoy the lovely cooler temperatures. I hope to post a few new recipes soon.


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