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Long overdue update

As you can tell, it's been quite a while since there have been any new posts around here. Our lives are changing and because of this we will be taking down the blog in October. If there is any content here that you would like you will need to capture it before then. We pay for our own domain and plan to cancel it in October when the payment comes due.

After I started writing this post, I learned that, when they say "whatever you put on the internet never goes away," that really is the case! Even after we let our domain lapse, all the content of my blog will still be available in the "WayBackMachine." You should make note of the following link*/http:/

if you would like to search for your favorite recipes or tips at some point in the future.

I thought I would take time to update you on a few things going on over here. Rob plans to retire from teaching after this coming year. He has been working diligently to empty out his office. After that we plan to sell our home and move to Michigan where he hopes to help out at Faith Christian School where our daughter Megan teaches first grade and our SIL Jim is the principal. So, as you can see, many changes lie ahead.

Megan and Jim have two children, Drew who is 12, and Maddie who is 7.

Our daughter Nora and her husband Topher and their four children moved to Iowa in May. They are adjusting to rural life and keeping busy with Della who is 5, Renny who is 3, Oliver who is 2, and Lillie who is 10 months.

Our son Mark and his wife Katie live here in Greenville, quite near to us. Mark is assistant principal at Monarch Elementary School and Katie teaches 3rd grade at Hampton Park Christian School. Their children are Ryan who is 8 and Avery who is 6.

In May the kids all went together and bought me an Instant Pot for Mother's Day. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to use it and can highly recommend the Facebook group called Rootitoot Instant Pot Recipes and Help. Ruth, whose childhood nickname was Rootitoot, is a Canadian grandmother who has mastered the Instant Pot and her recipes and cookbook are a great resource.

In June of this year Rob and I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a mission trip to Kenya with Medical Missions Outreach. We assisted in the vision clinic and were thrilled to be a part of helping many people to see things more clearly here on earth and for some who received a vision of their eternal destiny.

When I began writing this blog we had only one grandchild. We are truly blessed. Thank you for reading and commenting for all the past posts.


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2 Comments on “Long overdue update”

  1. #1 Barbara Harper
    on Sep 2nd, 2019 at 8:42 am

    It will be hard to imagine BJ without both of you there. I wish you all the best in the future! I’m glad to know about that link–I knew there was some way to look up posts that had been taken down, but I didn’t know how to find them.

  2. #2 Marilyn Donnell
    on Sep 3rd, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    I have been missing your posts, so it looks like I will continue to miss them. I feel pretty sure there is an internet coterie who would all appreciate it if you ever decide to rescind this decision.

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