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Scenes from the wedding

Thanks to all who have made such nice comments about the wedding and our new little grandson, Ryan. We could tell that people were praying for us that day and we were truly blessed. It certainly is a date that no one in our family will ever forget.

As I promised in my last post here are some pictures from the wedding:

Here's a shot of the back of Nora's dress:

Here is DH Rob walking Nora down the aisle:

Here are a couple of shots of the bridesmaids:

Topher's parents and Rob and I had a few minutes to relax just before the ceremony:

Here is Drew, our grandson, who was one of the bell ringers. DD Megan, his mother has posted a video of him walking down the aisle ringing his bell [1].

This picture (one of many attempts) shows some of the many children who were at or in the wedding. Nora is a nanny and wanted all the children to be involved. They were all remarkably well behaved during the ceremony. (My friend Sandy did tell me that she saw the two ring bearers having a pillow fight with their little pillows as she was leaving the church though.) 🙂

Here are Nora and Topher in front of the church:

As they left the church people tossed gold candy coins at them. The coins were immediately gathered up by the children in the crowd. (For those in the Greenville area you will not be surprised to learn that we were able to find a couple of boxes of the candy coins at Wilson's [2]. We have found over the years that if you are looking for a hard to find item they often have it or can get it for you!)

And, finally, here is a picture of the bride and groom speeding away from the church in a ... rickshaw!

The rickshaw company actually decorates this way for weddings. The newlyweds' house is just a few blocks from the church so the driver drove them around downtown for a bit and them dropped them off at their front door.

I hope you have enjoyed a pictorial view of the wedding. I'm planning just one more post about the wedding and then have some other topics to explore. Hope you are having a wonderful week.