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A tasty (and easy!) snack

We have been trying to eat more healthful snacks and one thing we have been eating is raw almonds. I try to keep some on hand and Rob keeps them in his office to munch on. We both thought they tasted O.K., but not outstanding. Some friends of ours mentioned that the almonds are a lot tastier if you toast them in the oven. I tried this a few weeks ago and we agree. The toasting greatly improves their flavor. I keep the majority of the almonds in the freezer and toast about a week's worth at a time to keep them nice and fresh.

Toasted Almonds

picture of Almonds

Just spread the almonds on a cookie sheet and toast in a 375 degree oven. I like to toast them for about 10 mins. and then stir them and toast for about 5 more minutes. Let them cool completely before storing.

Let me know your opinion if you try this!


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