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Now I’m cooking with gas!

For most of my life I have had a gas range. My mom always had a gas range and when we first married we bought one. When we moved to Greenville the area we lived in did not have gas lines so we purchased an electric range. I learned to cook on it but did burn out two of the burners over the years we lived there.

Our next house had an old gas stove which we used for several years until it gave up the ghost. At that time we purchased a new gas range.

When we moved into this house it had a drop-in electric range in good condition. At the time I couldn't justify the extra expense of running the gas line, and cutting out the cabinets so we sold our gas range.

My major dissatisfaction with this electric range was it's size. It had a smaller oven than I was used to (my large cookie sheets and sheet cake pan would not fit in it) and it had three small burners and only one large one. Here's a picture of it:

picture of Oldstove

Rob and I decided that if he had a job for the summer we would go ahead and purchase a new, larger gas range. Yesterday was the day it was installed! I ordered it on Monday and we found it out that it had arrived Friday evening. Rob went and picked it up yesterday morning and he and our friend Michael worked for several hours yesterday getting the gas line installed, cutting out the cabinets, staining the cut edges, etc. Here's a picture of it:

picture of Newstove

They had it up and running by supper time last night and we were able to eat our first meal cooked and baked in it. It was a simple meal of scrambled eggs and biscuits, but hopefully it was the first of many culinary adventures.

How about you? Let's take an informal poll: Which do you prefer: electric or gas?


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