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A tale of two birthday parties

We've been doing some celebrating around here recently. We have five grandchildren. Four of them have birthdays in the months of January, February, March, and April.

Little Della has the January birthday. She turned one on the eleventh. Her dad's family came from Iowa, Maryland, and Virginia to help celebrate this very special event. The party was held at our house so I got to help Nora with some of the preparations. We all had a good time helping Della celebrate.

Nora made this cute birthday banner:


She also made these cute little elephant cookies:


I made this strawberry cake and her little smash cake:


She loved it when we sang to her and she would just beam. Later in the evening as she got fussy we would sing again and her mood would change instantly. 🙂


She also quickly learned that birthday cakes are quite tasty!


The February birthday child is Maddie who turned three on Valentine's Day. She and her parents and her brother Drew were here in town for a conference for several days the week of her birthday so we planned a little joint birthday celebration for our side of the family for both Maddie and Della. This party had a Woodland theme.

Unfortunately Maddie was sick on her actual birthday so we had to postpone the party. On the new party date we had a snowstorm so some of the guests were unable to attend. We still had fun even though our numbers were diminished.

Nora made gnome hats for the boys and purchased fairy wings for the girls at the Dollar Store.


The birthday girl:


Megan made banners with each girl's name:


Nora made gnome cookies and I made a toadstool cake. I made the cake the day before the party and overnight it shifted somewhat so it looked a little like a toadstool that had been through an earthquake. 🙂



Nora and Drew made some cute little acorn Nutter Butter treats and some strawberry marshmallow "toadstools." We rounded out the meal with some cole slaw, baked beans, and some delicious loose meat sandwiches. We actually served the loose meat sandwiches at both of the parties. They are delicious and are a great recipe to remember when you want to serve a crowd.


We had a good time celebrating these two birthdays and as my husband would say, "A good time was had by all."


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