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I realized this week that it's been a while since I wrote a post about one of my Christmas books. I have been reading a delightful biography about Dewey, the library cat from Spencer, Iowa.

picture of Deweybook

He was a tiny kitten when he came to the library. He had been shoved into the library drop box one cold morning in January of 1988 and went on to reside there until his death in 2006. He was quite famous in his time and there were news stories about him all over the world. If you like cats or animal stories you would probably enjoy reading about Dewey.

I have never been to a library with a cat, but I have been to a couple of stores here in Greenville which have cats in residence. How about you--do you know of any libraries or businesses where pets reside?

We have two cats as those of you who read my husband's blog know. They are very difficult to photograph, especially with a digital camera. By the time I take the picture they have generally moved on out of camera range. I did snap a couple of cute shots of one of the cats the other day. She was lying in the sun and enjoying herself so much that she didn't get up and run away. Here are the best pics I could find of both of them.

Here is Clementine:

picture of Clemmieposing

This is Adelaide:

picture of BestpictureofEpi


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