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The mail order chicks

Our friend Dallas started a new project this spring when he built a little hen house out behind his home. He added a lot of nice decorative touches. It has electricity and running water and he has begun fencing in the yard on both sides of the house. Here's a picture:

picture of Henhouse

Last Friday his mail order chicks arrived. He invited us out earlier this week to see them. They had already grown and some were even trying to fly a little bit the evening we visited. He has quite a variety of chicks and it will be interesting to see how they change and develop as they grow.

picture of Babychicks

The company that shipped them included one "exotic" chick which will look like this when it is fully grown:

picture of Wildchicken

My only experience with chickens occurred when my sister and I were teenagers. My dad was given a live chicken that had been someone's Easter chick. It had grown rather mean and the family no longer wanted it. My dad butchered it and had us scald and pluck it. He said "No woman is educated who doesn't know how to pluck a chicken." Can you tell he grew up on a farm?

Do any of you dear readers have any interesting chicken stories to share?


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