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Post Christmas Update

We spent the week before Christmas up in Michigan with Megan, Jim, and Drew. On the way up we visited with my Aunt Nana for a couple of hours. She gave me this little wooden doll cradle which I remember playing with at my Grandma's house when I was a little girl. I'm hoping to make a little quilt for it after I finish sewing a few things for the new little girl who is due to arrive in February.

After visiting with Aunt Nana we drove on to Bowling Green, Ohio and visited with Rob's mom for a few hours and then drove on up to Michigan. We drove back down for a day during the week and were able to spend time with Rob's mom, sister Deb, and brother-in-law Dan. While we were at the nursing home we even got to see Rob's mom's pastor when he popped in for a visit.

On Sunday we went to Meg and Jim's church and were able to hear the new pastor for the first time. Their church has been without a pastor for quite some time so it was a blessing to see how the Lord has provided a new man who seems to have a great heart for the people there. The morning we visited they presented a cantata. The story was about a man who was sick in the hospital and his life was described by different people who visited and told how he had showed God's love throughout his life. The main characters in the play were George and Ethel and were portrayed by Dave and Joyce W. We thought it was very fitting because this couple is extremely kind and gracious and have been a great blessing to many people, including us.

We had a very good time with Meg, Jim, and Drew. Megan spent the last six weeks as a long-term sub teaching 4th grade. I went to school with her the last day of school (just a half day) and helped with the Christmas party and helped her clean up her room for the teacher who will begin teaching full-time after the new year. Here's a picture of her playing a game with the children:

In the morning while we were in school and Jim was at work, Rob and Drew hung out and went to Tim Hortons for a mid-morning snack, McDonald's for lunch, and the park to play. After a quick lunch, I got to accompany Megan to her doctor for an ultra-sound and got to see pictures of baby girl. Her doctor has scheduled her for a C-section on Valentine's Day if all continues to go well. Rob took Drew to the golf course where Jim works and then went to a nearby town to the funeral home to visit with a family who recently lost a grandmother. He taught the grand-daughter this past semester and had previously taught both of her parents when they were in high school. While at the funeral home, he was able to see a number of friends we had known years ago when we lived in the area.

Tuesday evening we were all invited to the home of some friends for supper and an evening of good conversation and games. Here we were playing a new game called Bezzerwizzer, which was a lot of fun.

For two of the days while we were up there Rob was very busy painting the nursery a lovely shade of pale green. Nora and Topher are up there this week and she is going to do some decorative painting on one of the walls. I'm sure Megan will blog about it in the future and I will try to remember to post a link at that time. I think it is going to be very cute.

We drove home on Friday (Christmas Eve eve) and after a good night's rest we got ready for the local families to visit on Christmas Eve. Mark and Katie were the first to arrive and they brought this little Santa with them. He had just woken from a nap and wasn't his usual cheery self. He later cheered up and thoroughly enjoyed playing with the boxes and wrapping paper.

Nora and Topher came and brought their two dogs who spent most of the evening in their crate watching the festivities. We are keeping one of the dogs while they are up in MI this week. Sorry for the blurry photo.

Christmas day it was just the two of us and the pets. 🙂 We had just one service at church in the morning. It was kind of nice to have all the festivities over with and just to have a quiet day to contemplate Christ's coming to earth.

I have one other update that has nothing to do with Christmas. I finally tried the home made sauerkraut a couple of weeks ago. I had made approximately two quarts of it and used half of it to make this recipe. I am happy to report that it tasted like sauerkraut! It really wasn't difficult to make--probably the hardest thing in my small kitchen was to find a place to let it ferment at the correct temperature. We had a pretty warm fall and it was too warm in the garage and we don't have a basement so I just let it sit out on the counter.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and will enjoy the final days of 2011.


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picture of Outside Gerald's

There's a little gem of a place here in Greenville that we look forward to visiting each winter. It's a place called Gerald's. For those of you who are familiar with this area it is at the site of the former Kash and Karry grocery store. Gerald's opens every year on the first of October and stays open through about the first of February. They specialize in candies, nuts, candied fruits, extracts and flavorings and a few other odds and ends that one might purchase for Christmas baking. They have lots of samples to taste and the ladies who work there are very helpful if you need any baking advice.

Here are a few pictures of the inside of the store:

They carry a wide variety of extracts, flavorings and coloring. Anybody need a quart of red food coloring? They have it.

picture of Gerald's Extracts

They have lots of candies, including a good selection of sugar free candies.

picture of Gerald's Candies

They have a variety of nuts and candied fruits in bulk:

picture of Gerald's Nuts

They also have a nice selection of tins that you can purchase and fill for gifts:

picture of Gerald's Tins

Do you have any special shops you like to frequent at Christmas time?


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This and that

We have been enjoying our Christmas vacation very much and have a had a variety of experiences to savor. The week before Christmas the Michigan delegation was here and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them as well as our local family members. It's always great fun to have our grandson come to visit and this trip was no exception.

Here are Megan and Jim at Topher's house one evening for dinner:

picture of MJChristmas

Here is a picture of Drew wearing one of his favorite Christmas gifts -- Buzz Light Year Wings (from the movie Toy Story):

picture of Wingman

The Tuesday before Christmas was especially exciting as DD Nora and her fiancé, Topher (short for Christopher) became officially engaged! Her diamond is beautiful and we have begun working on things for the wedding which is planned for the beginning of April.

Here's the happy couple:

picture of Engagement Picture

We attended a lovely Christmas Eve service at our church. It is always a blessing to sit and relax and think about the true reason for the season and to contemplate Christ's sacrifice in coming to earth and all He suffered here for our behalf.

We shared Christmas dinner with some good friends and then spent some time visiting with Mark and Katie and saw their newly painted and partially decorated nursery. (No pictures yet.) They were anxious to get things set up and ready since this will be their last vacation until the baby arrives in April. As we were driving out to Mark and Katie's it started to snow. We accumulated about 2 1/2" and it was very beautiful. The news said this was the first white Christmas here in Greenville since 1963 and only the fourth in the last century.

Mark and Katie at Topher's:

picture of MK Christmas

picture of Christmas Snow 2010

We have been working on a few projects around the house this week. Rob stripped the wallpaper from our bathroom and then painted it. I still need to make a window curtain (I'm looking for some white ball fringe for it) and add a few new accessories. The new color is so much brighter and more cheerful.

Old bathroom look -- don't blame me, it was this way when we moved in!

picture of Hall Bath

New bathroom look:

picture of New Hall Bath

We've also done a little shopping, cleaning, trying new recipes, etc. It's been a fun and restful change from our usual pace during the school year.

I hope you all had a wonderfully blessed Christmas and will get to have some relaxing days here at the end of the year.


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Christmas Decorations

Since we celebrated Thanksgiving a little late we just got our Christmas decorations up this past weekend. I will be the first to admit that I'm a reluctant decorator. I agonize over decorating decisions knowing that I'm going to have to live with my choices for a long time. Fortunately I have a dear daughter who majored in interior decorating. She is not working in that field any more, but she still helps me with my decorating decisions. I especially miss her help when it comes to Christmas decorating.

Back in the last millennium when Nora still lived at home she made us these paper cubes that we can put on our Christmas tree lights.

picture of Paper Cube

The first set lasted through seven or eight Christmases and then she made us a new set a couple of years ago. I think she got the idea from a Martha Stewart magazine. (I found a number of sites on-line with directions when I googled folded paper cubes.) She made them from copy paper. I love the way they look on our tree and the way they diffuse the light.

picture of Christmas Tree

I did make something new for our decor this year for our Thanksgiving centerpieces. I got the idea at a blog called 320 Sycamore. I couldn't find the exact glassware that she purchased, but came up with this combination at our local Dollar Tree. For Thanksgiving there were colorful leaves in the outer glasses and now for Christmas they contain nandina berries and leaves.

picture of Christmas Candle

Here's a picture of our cat, Clementine in her favorite spot each December:

picture of Clemmie Under Tree

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