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Why we’re tired

Today at work someone asked me if I was feeling all right--she said "You look really tired." I had to reply that I was pretty tired--we've had a busy week. We helped DD, Nora, move one evening (she's becoming a live-in nanny) and we've been finishing up the final phase of the kitchen project this week. We had new counter tops and a new kitchen sink installed.

Here are the before and after pictures:

Old Sink (rather shallow stainless steel):

picture of Old Sink

New Sink (deeper, almond-colored Kohler smart divide porcelain) :

picture of New Sink

Old Counter (beige laminate):

picture of Old Counter

New Counter (granite patterned laminate):

picture of New Counter

We had first seen this counter top material earlier this summer when we were up in Ohio visiting DSIL and DBIL, Deb and Dan in Ohio. They are re-doing their kitchen and had chosen this exact same material. We really liked it and decided to put it in our kitchen if it was available down here.

picture of New Counter 2

This was the first time I have ever chosen a new sink or new counter tops. I had seen a smart divide sink when we visited our friends Cathy and David in North Carolina. I debated whether to get a two compartment sink or one large one and this option (the smart divide has a lower center partition) seemed like the best of both options.

We still have a bit of touch-up work to finish up and a few things to put away, but hopefully we are finished with big projects for the summer. We are thankful that the Lord provided this opportunity to redo the kitchen and look forward to using it for many years to come.


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