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How I Spent My Spring Break

Since Mark and Katie are both teachers and were on spring break this week I had the week off too. It turned out to be a very busy week with some planned activities and some which developed at the last minute. Some of the more mundane activities included a dental check-up and a filling, some shopping, and some organizing activities. I'm trying to organize my sewing and craft supplies and I think I should have enough supplies on hand to keep me busy until it's time to move into the nursing home. 🙂

In the span of just over a week we have two anniversaries and a birthday in the family. Last Saturday evening we helped Ryan celebrate his first birthday and his first taste of cake. He wasn't too sure about what to do with it to begin with but after a couple of tastes (with accompanying "mmmm's") he decided it was pretty good stuff. He also took a few steps that day and since then has gotten another tooth.

He wasn't too happy about wearing the birthday hat:

Rob and I had a little anniversary celebration of our own and went to the Charlotte area for an afternoon of shopping and a dinner out. One of the main purposes of our trip was to get this little table and chairs for on our front porch:

Earlier this week I did a little baking and made these buns:

and tried a new bread recipe from the King Arthur Flour website. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture. It tasted very good and I hope to make it again. I did share one of the little loaves with our neighbor, Mary.

Years ago I was given a Wilton Lamb cake pan but it had no directions. I tried making it once but was not pleased with the results. Recently I read this post in a newsletter from Lehman's store up in Ohio and decided to give it a try for our Easter dinner. This lamb turned out much better. I frosted it with the coconut flavored icing recipe that we used on Nora and Topher's wedding cake last year.

We also had a very nice visit for lunch today with friends who were here visiting from France. It had been several years since their last furlough since we had seen them and it was wonderful to catch up and see how the Lord has been directing them.

We are looking forward to special services at church tomorrow and then spending the afternoon with Nora and Topher. I hope you will have a truly blessed Easter.


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