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Easter Week Update

We had a very blessed and busy Easter week here at our house.

This is my egg tree that DH thinks looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree:

picture of Egg Tree

Our friend and my former college roommate, Cathy, came down from NC for a couple of days to see us and to attend the Living Gallery program on campus. This was the 13th year that the school has presented this program. This year's play had a very powerful evangelistic message.

While Cathy was here she wanted to reconnect with Jane, another friend from college. We were able to meet for lunch at a restaurant and hear about Jane's recent trip out west. As you can imagine, none of us has changed a bit in the last thirty or so years.

picture of Cathy Jane and Me

Everything is in full bloom here in Greenville. Rob brought in some daffodils and helleborus from our yard and I was given a lovely bouquet of tulips and a beautiful lily plant for Easter. I don't think I have ever had a lily before and I didn't realize that the white ones were so fragrant.

picture of Easter Flowers

My Easter wheat grass experiment was a great success! I even had to "mow" my grass a couple of days before Easter because it was getting so tall. I need to make a note for future plantings that one week before Easter is sufficient for a healthy crop. 🙂

Here is the grass ten days after planting:

picture of Tall Grass

Here it is on our table for Easter:

picture of Easter Grass Table

I also tried a few more of the silk tie-dyed eggs. They are fun to do and I plan to try to do more of these in the future.

picture of Silk Eggs Two

We had wonderful services at church on Sunday. The Sunday school hour was a time of focusing on the Lord's crucifixion and the morning service was a time of rejoicing in the resurrection. The evening service was a praise service where six different individuals were able to share how the Lord has worked in their lives in recent days.

We were also able to share lunch with family and friends gathered around our table. I hope all of you had an equally blessed day.

Before I close I need to post a couple of Easter pictures of GS, Drew.

Here he is meeting the Easter bunny at the mall:

picture of Drew Bunny

Here he is tasting his first colored Easter egg. He was very excited about the whole process of coloring the eggs, but was very disappointed in the taste after eating marshmallow eggs earlier in the week!

picture of Drew Meets Egg


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