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My favorite eggplant

When we were first married DH planted a pack of six eggplant plants in our little garden. This resulted in nearly 100 large Italian type eggplants. After that summer I didn't want to face another eggplant for a number of years.

More recently I have become rather fond of the longer, thinner oriental eggplants. The dark eggplant is one from our garden and the cute little striped ones are some that our neighbor grew in a pot on her deck.

picture of Eggplants

We were served eggplant in China that was really quite tasty and I have discovered a way to prepare it here at home that is similar to what we had there. The secret ingredient is: Hoisin Sauce:

picture of Hoisin Sauce

Rather than slicing the eggplant you cut it into small wedge-shaped pieces by turning the eggplant a quarter turn with each cut.

picture of Chopped Eggplant

Next you saute it in a bit of oil until it is tender. Then stir in a bit of the Hoisin Sauce and if you like it spicy you could add some red pepper or something else to give it a little kick.

picture of Eggplant Macaroni

If you have ever watched the film Ratatouille you may remember the signature dish that won the little rat respect as a chef. This is a link to a delicious recipe using eggplant. It is one of our summer favorites. (If you are interested in this recipe and can't get to this link please email me and I will give you details.)

Do any of you have any favorite recipes for eggplant?


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