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Finally Home

Last week my mother-in-law left her earthly life and entered into glory. The last couple of years were particularly hard ones for her physically. She had many challenges in this life which caused her great sorrow and sadness but a few years ago she opened up her heart to the promises of Jesus and willingly humbled herself and accepted Him as her Savior. Her physical life did not get any easier but she now had the peace that her sins were forgiven and that she would spend eternity with Him in heaven.

We are greatly comforted with this knowledge and thankful that we will see her again when we leave this Earth. We are also thankful for those who have prayed for us, those who attended the funeral, and those who have expressed their condolences to us. We have been comforted and blessed by many.

Shortly after we returned home from the funeral in Ohio our daughter Megan learned that a close friend of hers passed away rather unexpectedly last week. Sara was a young woman in her mid-thirties. A couple of days after that a man from our church who is about our age also passed away after a long battle with cancer. All of these recent deaths are a reminder that our times are in God's hands and that our life here on earth is short but eternity with Christ will be never-ending.

Rob was able to give the message at his mother's funeral and he ended the message by singing the following song:

It Is Not Death to Die

It is not death to die,
To leave this weary road
And join the saints who dwell on high
Whoโ€™ve found their home with God.
It is not death to close
The eyes long dimmed by tears
And wake in joy before Your throne
Delivered from our fears

O Jesus, conquering the grave,
Your precious blood has power to save.
Those who trust in You
Will in Your mercy find
That it is not death to die.

It is not death to fling
Aside this earthly dust
And rise with strong and noble wing
To live among the just.
It is not death to hear
The key unlock the door
That sets us free from mortal years
To praise You evermore.

Originally in French by Henri Malan
Translated by George W. Bethune,1847
No. 828 in C.H. Spurgeon's "Our Own Hymnbook"
Chorus and Alternate Words by Bob Kauflin

This is a blessed thought as we consider our lives here on earth and our future beyond the grave.

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The time has flown

December flew by for us here in the Loach household. I caught a cold/virus with a cough and sinus problems that took about four weeks to finally clear up. Because of this our early December activities and decorating were either curtailed or simplified.

At the last minute the week Rob got out of school we decided to make a quick trip to Ohio to visit with his mom in the nursing home. We had a couple of good visits while we were there. Our daughter, Megan, and her family from Michigan were able to drive down one evening and visit with Grandma and then we all were able to go out to supper together. Rob's sister Deb and her husband Dan also joined us.

Here is a picture of grandson Drew playing the guitar while the rest of the family sang carols:


On our way home I spotted a sign for a fabric store in Corbin, Kentucky that we had never checked out and Rob agreed to pull off. When we were nearing the shop we spotted a sign for the original Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and museum. He went down and checked that out while I shopped for a few minutes. We both returned and found it to be a very interesting place to visit. The room where you pick up your food is very modern with the typical menu. The dining room is as it was in the 1940's and they have several display rooms showing what the kitchen and motel rooms were like. Did you know KFC was originally affiliated with a motor court?




We stopped for lunch at The Bush Bean headquarters in Dandridge, Tennessee. We really enjoyed our lunch and did a little shopping in the lovely gift shop. They also have a little museum but we didn't have time to tour it on this trip since we needed to be home in time to pick up our cats from their visit to the "spa" aka, the vet's.

After our travels we came home and had a couple of days to finish preparing for Christmas. Our son Mark and his family joined us for Christmas eve dinner and then the service at our church. This service is always a very special time with Scripture reading, carol singing, and it ends with the singing of the Halleluiah Chorus.

Our daughter Megan and her family arrived around supper time on Christmas Day. We had a pancake supper with them that evening and then later in the week had a more traditional Christmas dinner when the rest of the children and grandchildren could come.

One evening the girls wanted to have an appetizer-type meal. Our son-in-law, Topher's Mom and Dad and Aunt Lonie were here in town that evening so they came too. Topher's dad acted as our photographer and we were able to get an updated picture of the whole clan. It's hard to keep up to date with pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚


Since Our guests went home we have been cleaning, organizing, and putting away the Christmas decorations.

On New Year's Day we went out for brunch at the Hungry Drover and then drove out to see Campbell's Covered Bridge. It was built in the early 1900's but we had never before been to see it. It is a part of the local recreation department facilities and has a nice little picnic area. Do be advised that it has no restroom facilities.

Here is a picture of the breakfast we ate. We have learned we can easily share a Drover omelet.


Here is a picture of the covered bridge:


That catches you up on our recent activities. I do hope to post a few recipes soon. I discovered recently that there are still a few old favorites I have not written about. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you and your families all had a blessed Christmas and that 2016 will be a year of contentment and joy.

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We’ve been away

A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving our plans changed and we decided to make a quick trip up to Ohio and Michigan. I had sort of dreaded the actual travel because you just never know what kind of weather or traffic you might run into on a busy holiday weekend, but the Lord worked it all out beautifully and we had nearly all good weather and our travel days went very well.

We spent some enjoyable days with Megan and Jim and the children and got to go to the Christian school where Jim is the principal and Drew is a student and to see the recent changes there. Drew also sang for us the part that he was going to sing in the school Christmas program since we wouldn't be able to attend it.Below is a screen shot from a video Jim posted of the song during the program. Drew is the one with the microphone in front of his face.

Drew Sheep Song

While we were in Michigan Rob's cousin Jody and her family from St. Louis happened to be in the Detroit area for her son's hockey tournament (which his team later won). We got to attend one of his games and then went out to supper afterwards. We dawdled over the meal since we see them so rarely and when we left the restaurant we were very surprised to find a layer of snow on the ground with a layer of ice underneath. We cautiously drove to where we were staying and were relieved that most of it had melted away by the next morning.

This was one of the few pictures we took on our trip:


While we were in Ohio the Lord also worked out the timing so we were able to visit quite a few people there. We visited Rob's mother in her nursing home on two different days. The first day she was alert and talked quite a bit. The second day she was quite sleepy but said she was listening to the conversation. She is still on hospice care and can do very little for herself now. She also has some bedsores and is on pain medication pretty much whenever she requests it.

We also visited a family friend that we have known for many, many years. She was like a spiritual mother to Rob when he was growing up. It had been quite a while since we had seen her. We visited her with her son Scott and daughter-in-law Cathy and enjoyed spending a short time with the three of them

Visit Kay

We also were able to visit with Rob's Aunt Sarah who is seriously ill. We had not seen her for several years and were very thankful that we were able to visit with her on this trip. She is able to sit up in bed and can get in a wheelchair with help so we were able to share a meal with her.

We had a quick early morning visit with my 90 year old Aunt Nana (pronounced Nay-nuh) one morning before we headed to the nursing home. She graciously welcomed us and even put on a fresh pot of coffee. She's the one who convinced Rob he needed to get email initially. The rest is history. ๐Ÿ™‚

On our last visit with Rob's mom we met up with Rob's sister Deb and her husband Dan and afterwards went out for lunch. We ate at Culvers and when we walked in we saw our friends Scott and Cathy. We were glad to get to spend a bit more time with them before heading back home.

Since we have returned home we have continued socializing. We went to two plays on campus. The first was a musical version of A Christmas Carol. This was the third year we have attended this production and we have enjoyed it each time. This past weekend we went to a production of It's A Wonderful Life which was produced as though the actors were in a radio drama. The students who were in both plays did a great job.

With all our gadding about we are just now getting a few Christmas decorations put up. Hopefully in a day or two everything will be in place and I can get busy wrapping a few gifts.

I hope to post again soon because I have a couple of recipes that might come in handy for Christmas.


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An update

We've been keeping pretty busy lately with a variety of activities mostly centered on family. We have been spending time with our new little granddaughter, Della and her parents. Della is now two weeks old and weighs just over five pounds and is doing just perfectly according to her doctor. She still sleeps most of the time and eats frequently but she is starting to open her eyes a bit more and to notice her surroundings. Here is my favorite picture of her to date:


Our daughter-in-law Katie was involved in a car accident about a week and a half ago which totalled their car. A car pulled out of a parking lot and hit the driver's side of her car and deployed the air bag. At first Katie thought she was fine but later she started having some problems and after some testing the doctors determined she had a concussion. She is starting to feel better and she and Mark are looking for a different vehicle. We are thankful that she wasn't hurt more seriously and that the children weren't in the car when the accident happened.

Our son-in-law, Jim has recently become the principal of their Christian school. Megan wrote a blog post about his new job a few weeks ago. Because of this they will be coming down here in February for a Principal's Conference at the university. We plan to celebrate Maddie's second birthday while they are here. I've been working on a little dress for her for next summer and have it nearly finished. It's a lot of fun to work on projects for little girls again. ๐Ÿ™‚ In case you are interested this pattern is Kwik Sew 3775.

Are any of you working on any special projects on these cold winter days?


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A quick trip

Here is a picture of Rob's mom that was taken 5-6 years ago.


My husband's mother's health is failing and she is under hospice care now. We were able to make a quick trip up to Ohio to visit with her over the weekend. We were overwhelmed by all the details that the Lord worked out to make this trip possible in the first place and by many unexpected blessings that occurred along the way.

It's normally very difficult for Rob to get away during the school year--it's hard to find subs who can teach French and German. He was given permission to be away and his colleagues graciously covered his classes on Friday. I normally keep my grandchildren every other Friday and last Friday was Grandma Cindy's turn to keep them.

On our way up Rob called his Aunt Janet in St. Louis and told her about our trip. Later that day she called back to say that she and her daughter Jodie had decided to drive to Ohio too. They couldn't come until Saturday because Jodie had to work on Friday.

We visited Rob's mom briefly on Thursday night. We weren't sure that it had actually registered that we were there, but the next day she did remember us coming in. We spent that night with Rob's sister and brother-in-law and had a nice visit with them. The next morning Rob and Deb were able to spend some time making future plans for their mother.

Friday afternoon we visited Rob's mom again and she was much more responsive and stayed awake a long time and seemed to really be enjoying having her children with her. Late that afternoon Rob and I headed up to spend the night with Megan and Jim and the children. It was a quick visit and we enjoyed every moment of it.

Maddie now loves to look at books and to have someone read to her:


We had a special breakfast of Dutch Girl Doughnuts which Drew highly approved of:


Saturday we headed back to the nursing home and Rob was able to spend some time with his mom, perhaps for the last time here on Earth. They had a good visit together and Rob was very thankful for this time.

Saturday night Janet and Jodie arrrived and we went out to supper at a local restaurant that all of us remembered from our youth--Wilsons. We thoroughly enjoyed our hamburgers and malts. We spent the night at the same motel and had a great time reminiscing.

After breakfast the next morning Rob and I started the loooonnng drive home and Deb, Janet, and Jodie went to visit Norma at the nursing home. It was the first time in many years that the two sisters had seen each other.

Here are Deb and Janet at breakfast:


Here are Rob and Jodie:


We are thankful we could make the trip, that we had beautiful weather, very little heavy traffic, good gas prices, wonderful care for Buddy :), and blessed fellowship with loved ones we don't get to see very often.

We would appreciate your prayers for Rob's mom in her final days here on Earth.


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