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After we left Fostoria we headed up to Michigan to see our daughter Megan, son-in-law Jim, and adorable grandson, Drew. We had a very enjoyable time with them and packed in quite a variety of activities. We celebrated my birthday with a special dinner that Megan prepared and by going out to the golf course where Jim works and watching a very nice fireworks display. Here are Jim and Drew before the fireworks began:

picture of Jim and Drew at Rackham

We attended church at Faith Baptist Church of Warren and enjoyed the teaching and preaching there and talking with people we have come to know on our previous visits to the area.

We also took a couple of day trips while we were there. One that we all really enjoyed was a visit to Cook's Dairy Farm in Ortonville, Michigan. We started off our visit by having a dish of their delicious ice cream. Rob and I tried the Cowpucchino and Megan and Drew had the Cow Pie flavor. Both were really quite tasty. After our treat we toured the farm and enjoyed seeing the cows, calves, and pigs. Drew is at a stage where he really likes animals, so this was a very exciting activity for him. (The rest of us enjoyed it too!) Here is Drew meeting one of the cows:

picture of Drew at dairy farm

Megan did a whole post about our trip to the dairy farm.

One afternoon we went to a local water park where we had fun watching Drew play in the fountains:

picture of Drew at water park

Another day we drove down to Bowling Green, Ohio to see Rob's mom again. Rob's sister, Deb, met us at the nursing home where we visited and had lunch and took some family pictures. Unfortunately it was very difficult to get all four generations looking the right direction at the same time! Here is one of our awkward family photos:

picture of Drew at nursing home

On the way back from Bowling Green we had to pass right by an IKEA store so we stopped by and did a little shopping and ate a nice supper of Swedish Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes. We always enjoy looking around in IKEA and even Drew had a nice time. He was fascinated with a little wooden stacking toy they had so he ended up with two of them -- one for at home and one for Poppi and Grandma's house.

picture of Ikea

picture of Stackingtoy

Megan enjoys cooking and trying new recipes, so we generally try some new things when we are up visiting. One thing we tried while we were up there were Gorditas. Here I'm rolling them out:

picture of Rolling gorditas

Here Megan is baking them on a griddle:

picture of Frying gorditas

Megan reads a number of cooking blogs and a woman had posted about making them from a recipe on the King Arthur Flour web-site. Just last week they featured this recipe on The Baker's Banter Blog in a step-by-step tutorial. These are really tasty and we ended making them twice during the week we were in MI and then once again while she and Drew were here visiting with us.

As I mentioned in an earlier post Megan and Drew accompanied us on the next leg of our trek and then came back to Greenville with us. In my next post I will chronicle our trip to Missouri.


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