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Red sails in the sunsuit

Every now and then Hobby Lobby has their patterns for sale for $.99 or $1.99. During a recent sale week I found this pattern on sale and just couldn't resist:


Shortly afterwards I found a remnant of some cute red and white fabric for 50 cents and made this little sunsuit and bonnet for Della.



Here she is modeling them:



In a couple of weeks we will find out if her new sibling will be a brother or a sister. We are happily anticipating another little grand in the fall. 🙂


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Our week of unexpected things


Cheryl L. who has a blog titled Copper's Wife often admonishes her readers to "hold their plans lightly." So far this year this has proved good advice for us.

Megan and Jim and the children arrived here on Christmas day and had planned to travel home on January 2nd. On New Year's Eve both Rob and Jim checked the weather forecast on the internet and saw that a winter storm was predicted to hit north of here on the 2nd. We had planned to head to Ohio that day also. We all quickly changed our plans, packed, straightened up the house, threw stuff in the freezer and hit the road early in the morning on January 1st. We caravanned together until we got to southern Ohio and then we parted ways. My friend Cheri checked in on Buddy that day and the next morning Nora took him to the Cat Clinic for boarding while we were away. We told him he was going on a spa vacation. 🙂

The weather was clear for most of the trip for Rob and me but Megan and Jim got into some bad weather as they got closer to home. We stayed with Rob's sister Deb and her husband Dan while we were in Ohio. It did snow on January 2nd and it was quite cold and windy causing the snow to drift. BIL Dan has a truck with four wheel drive and he drove us over to the nursing home where Rob's mother resides. The snow was drifted in some places so we were very thankful he was willing to take us. Rob's mother is doing somewhat better physically but is still under hospice care. That evening we wanted to take Deb and Dan out for dinner at a restaurant that is in a small town nearby. Rob called to make sure it was open and they said they were but that they were going to close early. We drove on over and found out that we were the only customers they had had the entire day! It was very odd to be the only people eating in a restaurant. 🙂


We heard that another big snow storm was predicted for the weekend so we headed back home and were able to keep ahead of the bad weather.

We also got to visit with my Aunt Nana who will turn 90 in July. She insisted on having supper for us when we visited and her kind neighbor, Melanie helped her fix things for us. They served one of our favorites for dessert--Sugar Pie.

Shortly after we returned home Rob got a call from one of his students who had returned to Greenville early and needed a place to stay for a few days. Our guest room was empty so Jesse came and stayed with us until time to move back into the dorms. We enjoyed getting to know him and were glad to be able to help him out.

The most unexpected event occurred this past Saturday morning. We got a call from our daughter Nora who told us that she was in labor and was heading to the hospital! This was four weeks earlier than expected, so we were concerned. Two hours later we heard the joyous news that little Della Claire had been born at 10:56 AM weighing 5 pounds and measuring 18 1/2 inches long. She is absolutely perfect and looks very much like her mother did when she was a baby. They came home from the hospital today and are adjusting to life as a family of three.

Here she is getting her first bath:


Here she is today holding her daddy's finger:

(That tube on his finger is used for supplemental feedings to help her grow more quickly.)

So, as you can see, 2014 has been a very eventful year for us so far. We are truly thankful for all of the Lord's provision and protection in a variety of unforeseen events the last few weeks. I hope the coming new year will be equally blessed for each of you dear readers.


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Road trip

We just returned from a few days visiting with family in Michigan and Ohio. We ended up doing many special things but the two primary events during the week were our grandson Drew's kindergarten graduation and our granddaughter Maddie's baby dedication.

Drew turned six in March and has lost four teeth in the last month! Here he is trying to eat with a big gap in his mouth:


We got Maddie a doll for her birthday and weren't sure how she would like it. Fortunately she seemed to love it!


The kindergarten graduation was held on Thursday evening. Drew and the eleven other children in his class had obviously practiced their lines and songs for the program quite well.


After the first part of the program the children left the stage to change into little white caps and gowns and while they were gone we watched a power point presentation of some of the highlights of the past year. Drew was quite the little ham and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the evening.


Here's a picture of the whole family with the proud graduate:


On Sunday Megan and Jim had Maddie dedicated at their church. Here are Maddie and Megan dressed for church:


The pastor did a very nice job and explained that the purpose of the dedication is to encourage people to pray for Maddie and her parents as they strive to care for her and rear her in a way that pleases the Lord. Pastor Berlin said that he likes to have all the people in the church actively involved so he appointed Maddie to be the secretary of the nursery. 🙂 She is quite the little character:


On Friday we took a trip down to Ohio to visit with Rob's mother and his sister and brother in law. We had a pot luck lunch at the nursing home and had a nice time visiting with all of them. A local pastor who often visits with Rob's mom came by and we were encouraged by his visit. Here are Rob, his mom, and his sister:


On Saturday we drove to downtown Detroit to visit the Eastern Market.


I have always wanted to visit there, so this was a special treat for me. It is huge and although we spent a couple of hours there we barely scratched the surface.


There were some musicians and this clown was making balloon creations for the children:


We ate lunch down there and Rob bought a catnip plant for Buddy and I bought some delicious cookies. We also ran into a family who used to live here in Greenville.

Memorial Day was cold and rainy in Michigan. Jim had to work early in the day but we all were invited for supper at the home of Megan and Jim's good friends, Kevin and Kristen. We had a really nice visit with them. There were several other families there and the children kept things pretty lively. Maddie enjoyed circling the open floor plan. We had to station someone near the stairway to the basement to make sure she didn't leap down them. There were several little boys who thoroughly enjoyed playing together and during the course of the evening a couple of them got locked in a bathroom and a small flood ensued when a commode overflowed. Fortunately no children were harmed during the course of these events. 🙂

Those were the highlights of our week. I hope your week was a good one too.


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