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A day of celebrations

Our wedding anniversary was this week and since we knew we couldn't do much celebrating on a week day we decided to do some special things last Saturday.

We started the day with fresh, hot doughnuts from Krispy Kreme--a real treat!

Our next event was to go window shopping for cats at two of the local shelters. Believe it or not, we did not come home with one. Aren't you surprised? We did see several that we could have easily fallen in love with, but we restrained ourselves. 🙂 We did find out information which will be helpful when we do decide to adopt a cat or kitten again. We were actually surprised by how many cats and kittens were available or which would soon be available after health check-ups and spay and neutering.

We went out for lunch at Tony's New York Style Pizzeria. We had been there before a couple of times and had gotten their calzone--which is huge. We can split a small one and get two meals out of it. This time I had Chicken Parmesan and Rob got Lasagna. Both were excellent. They also have delicious gelato but we didn't get dessert this time. Tony's is located at 30 Orchard Park Drive if you are interested in checking it out. They do have a pizza slice special at lunch which is quick and also very good. Here's a link to their menu.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Upcountry History Museum where they were having a special pictorial exhibit about the city of Greenville. It was interesting to see pictures of some places in Greenville from the past compared to how they look now. This exhibit was to close last weekend but is being extended for a couple of months. The museum has a lot of information about the local history and has a nice little gift shop with many books and other items from this part of the state. It's also very economical--the cost is only $4 for adults at this time.

Saturday evening we also attended another special celebration--Ryan's second birthday party. Katie made him a little cake shaped like a car with Oreos for wheels. He loved his little cake (especially the tires, which he is fascinated with right now!) but he would not even try one bite of it. He also enjoyed playing with the shiny confetti which was part of the table decorations and trying out some of his new gifts. Since turning two he is talking quite a bit more and it has been fun to hear his vocabulary expand.

We forgot to bring our camera and his other Grandma, Cindy, graciously shared these pictures with us:

Here he is rearranging the confetti.


Here he is playing with some of the toys he received.



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Paducah, Kentucky

After we left St. Louis we headed to Paducah, Kentucky, which was about a three hour drive. Our first stop was Hancock's of Paducah, which is a large fabric store catering to quilters. Megan and I enjoyed looking around in there and we both did a little shopping. Rob and Drew drove around and got the lay of the land and had a little snack.

picture of Hancocks of Paducah

This is the fabric and quilt pattern I bought:

picture of Quilt Stuff

After our shopping we headed to the town center to the National Quilt Museum.

picture of National Quilt Museum

Since it was already pretty late in the afternoon we decided we would just look around in the lobby and gift shop. We were perusing the gifts when the lady selling the tickets came to talk with us. When she found out we were just in Paducah for a short time she allowed us to go into the museum for a quick walk-thru. The quilts were absolutely amazing! They are truly works of art. I'd love to show you a picture, but photography was not allowed in the museum. There are also pieces of art related to quilts in the museum--things like carved wooden quilts (which were amazingly realistic) and mosaics in quilt designs.

Just beyond the museum is the Ohio River and the city has a series of about sixty floodwalls that different artists have painted with scenes of life from the past. They were very nicely done and we enjoyed strolling along the river and looking at them.

picture of Murals

picture of Riverboat Mural

picture of Boom Paducah

There was also an antique locomotive on display in front of the murals:

picture of Paducah Train

After we explored the town for a while we headed out for supper and then on to the hotel for the evening. The next morning we started our trip back to Greenville and home, thus ending our travel adventures for this trip.


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The Real Deal

There are several young women in the Greenville area who have blogs about bargains in our area. One of DD Nora's friends, Jessica, has such a blog called Bargain Banana. Nora and Jessica worked together in the Child Development center on campus when they were in college. They went to visit one of the children in their class who had been hospitalized one evening and Nora ended up in the Emergency Room. Needless to say, Rob and I were shocked when the Dean of Women called to ask us to come down to the hospital to pick her up. That's another story for another time!

Back to the bargains. I occasionally peruse Jessica's blog and have found some good tips and ideas. In one of her posts she mentioned a new store on Woodruff Road called Real Deals. I finally got around to visiting it a couple of months ago and discovered that it does, indeed, have some real deals! The store has all kinds of home decor items that change out frequently, including pictures, flower arrangements, candles, wreaths, sconces, seasonal items, and a myriad of other things too numerous to mention.

One unusual thing about the store is its very limited hours of operation. It's only open on Thursdays from 9-5 and Saturdays from 9-3. I thought it was just a local store but when I checked it out on-line I discovered that it's a chain that started in Georgia and that it has quite a few locations out West. You can check it out here: Real Deals.

It's located at 700 Woodruff Road (near Beck Middle School). It's on the opposite side of Woodruff than Beck School, right at Salters Road. I take Laurens Road to get there. It's closer to that end of Woodruff than the Shops of Greenridge end. The ladies there are very friendly and helpful and the prices are good. I have found several new things for my house plus a couple of gift items as well.

Here's a journal and little artificial nest I have in my guest room:

picture of Fake nest

Here's a wreath I have hanging over the sink in my kitchen:

picture of Yellow wreath

Here's what the store looks like:

picture of Realdeals

Here's hoping that you will check it out and perhaps find some real deals of your own!


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A Look at Another Book

Not much cooking went on around our house this weekend since Rob and I were at our churches' annual deacons' retreat up at the Wilds Christian Camp in Rosman, NC. We did eat very well while we were up there, however. The Staff did their very best to see that no one languished from hunger.

At the retreat we had two general sessions and two sessions geared toward the ladies to encourage us in our role as wife of a deacon. The meetings were excellent and I think we all came away encouraged to do more to meet the needs of others in our church.

Since I don't have a new recipe to share, I thought I would do a post about another one of my new books, Mice on Main. It's the little skinny book on the top of the stack that I forgot to turn so you could read the spine. (Bear with me - I'm new to this!) Here's a picture of the book:

picture of Mice on Main book

This one is a children's book that I got from my son Mark and his wife Katie. I had mentioned this fall that I would have to get the book sometime to have on hand for when our grandson, Drew, is a bit older. So, thanks to them I am all set. Here's a picture of Mark and Katie from this Christmas:

picture of Mark and Katie

The book tells about the nine bronze mice which inhabit Main Street here in Greenville. Here is a picture of all nine of them:

picture of nine mice on Main

The city has written out directions that are available in many locations so that you can have a scavenger hunt up and down Main Street trying to find them. It's a fun activity and I would encourage any of you to try it sometime.

I will close with a quotation from our retreat:

The crown of the home is Godliness.
The beauty of the home is order.
The glory of the home is hospitality.
The blessing of the home is contentment.


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