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The Henry Ford

While we were in Michigan in December Rob, Mark, Katie and I spent a day at the Henry Ford Museum (which is now just referred to as "The Henry Ford" on the literature they give you.) I had been to Greenfield Village a few years ago when I was up visiting with Megan and her first grade class, but the last time I visited the museum was when Megan was in a stroller.

One thing I noticed that has changed in the quarter century since my last visit is that there are a lot more interactive exhibits now. There seem to be more things that are of interest to children. Katie was a little dismayed to see that they had some of the toys on display she had played with as a little girl!

Here are a few pictures of things that we saw that day:

There was a large special exhibit of things built from Legos, such as this dragon:

picture of Lego Dragon

There was a model of downtown Detroit made from Legos complete with a running train:

picture of HF Lego Train

There were many, many old bicycles, cars, airplanes, and trains, such as this one:

picture of Mark Train

We saw the chair that Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot:

picture of Lincoln's Chair

They also have an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile:

picture of Wienermobile

Here is a boy experiencing what it is like to be a hot dog:

picture of Human Hotdog

You can actually eat a hot dog in the museum but we chose to eat lunch at the Michigan Cafe instead:

picture of Michigan Cafe

We saw many, many other interesting things at the museum. I would definitely encourage you to go if you are ever in the area. It is very well organized and enjoyable.

In my next post I want to show you something I made for Christmas.


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