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Paducah, Kentucky

After we left St. Louis we headed to Paducah, Kentucky, which was about a three hour drive. Our first stop was Hancock's of Paducah, which is a large fabric store catering to quilters. Megan and I enjoyed looking around in there and we both did a little shopping. Rob and Drew drove around and got the lay of the land and had a little snack.

picture of Hancocks of Paducah

This is the fabric and quilt pattern I bought:

picture of Quilt Stuff

After our shopping we headed to the town center to the National Quilt Museum.

picture of National Quilt Museum

Since it was already pretty late in the afternoon we decided we would just look around in the lobby and gift shop. We were perusing the gifts when the lady selling the tickets came to talk with us. When she found out we were just in Paducah for a short time she allowed us to go into the museum for a quick walk-thru. The quilts were absolutely amazing! They are truly works of art. I'd love to show you a picture, but photography was not allowed in the museum. There are also pieces of art related to quilts in the museum--things like carved wooden quilts (which were amazingly realistic) and mosaics in quilt designs.

Just beyond the museum is the Ohio River and the city has a series of about sixty floodwalls that different artists have painted with scenes of life from the past. They were very nicely done and we enjoyed strolling along the river and looking at them.

picture of Murals

picture of Riverboat Mural

picture of Boom Paducah

There was also an antique locomotive on display in front of the murals:

picture of Paducah Train

After we explored the town for a while we headed out for supper and then on to the hotel for the evening. The next morning we started our trip back to Greenville and home, thus ending our travel adventures for this trip.


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