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Final Installment of our Michigan Adventure

We stayed in Michigan for a few days after Megan's surgery and helped care for the children, prepared some meals ahead, and did some yard work. It was hard to leave not knowing the results of Megan's tests yet, but since she was feeling somewhat better we decided we'd better head for home.

Our anniversary is in April and we planned to celebrate it on one of our trips to Michigan this summer by spending the night in Berea, Kentucky. On our way home from this trip Rob made arrangements for us to stay there overnight and to tour a few of the many shops where the local artisans sell their wares. We didn't buy much but it was fun to see all the beautiful things that they have created. We were also able to eat a meal at the Boone Tavern Restaurant.

Here is a picture of one of the porches and some of the beautiful flowers:


We were the first to arrive for lunch and snapped a picture of the empty dining room:


My mother and I had eaten there thirty-eight years ago and I was able to order the same meal: Creamed Chicken in a Bird's Nest:


My meal was preceded with a salad with the house dressing which had an orange marmalade base:


Rob loves fish so he ordered this meal which also included Smoked Potato Salad:


All the meals are served with spoonbread, which was delicious.


We both had peach tea to drink. Each glass had a large slice of frozen peach to help keep it cool and to add to the taste.


On the way to Michigan I had seen a sign for The Quilt Patch quilt shop in Lafollette, Tennessee and we were able to stop there on the return trip. The shop is located a few miles off the interstate and is in a mall. There's not much on the website, but it does give you the address and phone number. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a really nice shop and the ladies who work there were extremely helpful. I saw a quilt in the shop which I liked and they actually looked through their stash of magazines and photocopied the directions for making it for me. I also purchased this pattern for the Church Lady Apron and some fabric to make it.


Here is the finished product, which is reversable:


Since arriving home we have tackled some cleaning and organizing projects, I've done some sewing and canned some fig jam, and now Rob is back at school. His classes start later this week. My daughter-in-law, Katie is still on maternity leave for a few more days but I soon will begin keeping Ryan and Avery. I'll be sure to add some current pictures in an upcoming post.


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Another installment in our Michigan adventure

If you have been following the story of our daughter Megan's recent thyroidectomy she has posted a sequel detailing her surgery and the events following it.

After we arrived back in Michigan with Megan and the children we spent the night and then headed about five hours further north to visit our friends, Fred and Cheryl, who live in Cheboygan, Michigan for part of the year and here in Greenville for the other part of the year. On our way up we stopped at the Dawson and Stevens Restaurant in Graying, Michigan for lunch. It is like an old fashioned diner and it has the most Coca Cola memorabilia I have seen outside of the Coke Museum in Atlanta. The food was good too, and we will definitely remember to stop there again on future travels.

Here are a couple of pictures of the restaurant:



Fred and Cheryl have a beautiful home right on a lake far from the beaten path. Cell phone reception is a bit unpredictable. Our GPS was even a little confused as well and took us on a little adventure through the woods on an unpaved road until we turned back for fear of getting bogged down in the mud!

Rob helped Fred cut down some pine trees on the property in preparation for getting their driveway paved. After they were cut down it was discovered that several of the trees had severe damage from carpenter ants. I was relieved when the trees were cut down and all the men were safely back on the ground. Ladders and power saws always make me a bit nervous. All the twisting, lifting, and climbing did a number on Fred's back and he was in a lot of pain for quite a while afterwards.

Here are the lumberjacks:


Rob holding the rope:

Here is an example of the damage from the ants:


The Saturday we were visiting Fred and Cheryl took us up to Pickford, Michigan, which is in the Upper Peninsula. Cheryl's grandmother was from Pickford and she has quite a few cousins who live in the area. Every year on the first Saturday of August the town of Pickford has something called Hay Days. On this day they have a parade, special competitions, special eating opportunities, and many families have reunions. People come from all over every year to meet with their friends and loved ones. We attended the parade, ate lunch at one event and then had delicious strawberry sundaes at another venue. We also were able to meet some of Cheryl's extended family.

Here is a picture of Fred and Cheryl and some pictures of some of the Hay Days events:





The next day was Sunday and we were able to attend church with Fred and Cheryl and see some friends we have known for many years who also live in the area before heading back to the lower part of the state to help Megan during her surgery. I'll detail more about that the the conclusion of our trip in my next post.

Here is a recipe for a delicious salad which Cheryl served us during our visit. It is a pasta salad with a sweet and sour dressing rather than a mayonnaise type dressing. Both Rob and I really enjoyed it and I have made it for us since returning home.


Cheryl's Pasta Salad

8 oz. (1/2 box) of ruffled macaroni (Radiatore)
1/3 cup oil
3/4 cup sugar (you could probably use Splenda)
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/2 tsp. salt
3/4 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. pepper
couple shakes red pepper (optional)
1/2 tsp. celery seed (optional)
1/2 tsp. dry mustard
About 1/2 cup of each of the following vegetables cut into bite size:
green onion
green pepper
cherry tomatoes
(about 2 1/2-3 cups total)
Cook pasta. Drain and while still warm combine with oil.
Mix sugar, vinegar, salt, garlic powder, peppers, celery seed, and dry mustard.
Combine pasta, dressing, and vegetables.
Cover and refrigerate overnight before serving.




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Our trip to Michigan this summer

We spent a little over a week in Michigan this summer visiting friends and family. Of course, we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our daughter, Megan, her husband, Jim, and our two adorable grandchildren, Drew and Maddie. We enjoyed playing with the children and were able to babysit one evening so Meg and Jim could go out for their anniversary.

Here's a picture of Maddie from that week:

Megan is quite the bargain hunter and she took us to some of her favorite places where we, too, were able to score a few bargains. Our best deal was at a Sears outlet where we were able to purchase four pairs of pants for a total of $8.00. I had a birthday while we were there and Megan prepared a special meal to help me celebrate.

In the middle of our visit we drove up to visit some friends who spend part of the year here in Greenville and part of the year up in Cheboygan. The drive up took several hours and along the way we stopped for lunch at a place we remembered from when we lived in Michigan years ago. It's one of the few places I know of where you can get sliced olives on your burger. You can also get a cherry coke if you'd like. ๐Ÿ™‚

When we were about half an hour from our destination we decided to stop for a bathroom/coffee break in Grayling and were very surprised to see two of Rob's fellow teachers from school. Erin's family has a summer home in the area and Julie and her daughter had just flown up that day to visit for a few days.

Years ago when Rob first taught up in Michigan he boarded with an older couple named Bruce and Lillie. They had a small cottage on a lake up near Cheboygan and before they retired they built a lovely home on the same property. When we were married they let us use their home for our honeymoon. We visited them several times over the years while our children were still living at home. One year while we were up visiting they had rented out the cottage to a family with two boys about the age of our children. That's when we became acquainted with Fred and Cheryl.

They were both educators who lived further south in Michigan. They loved the Cheboygan area and have built a lovely home up there on the other side of the lake from where we met. They are both retired now and have begun living here in Greenville for part of the year and up on the lake in the summers. They have been inviting us to come up and visit them for several summers and we were finally able to take them up on their offer this year.

They have worked on their home little by little over the years and Cheryl has decorated many of the rooms with a theme. Since she was a teacher for many years her kitchen has an apple theme. The bedroom we stayed in had a woodland theme with bears.

Fortunately we did not see any actual bears on the property, but we did see a deer swimming across the lake one evening.

Rob and Fred paddled across the lake one afternoon on inner tubes; Cheryl and I opted out.

While we were visiting Fred and Cheryl we were able to see our friend Lille who now resides in an assisted living facility and to have dinner one evening with Bruce and his son Jim who now pastors a church in the area. The church recently built a new sanctuary and had had a week of sports camp the week before we were there. We could tell that Jim really has a heart for the people of his church and we were blessed by the services we were able to attend on the Sunday we were there.

This is Lillie:

Here's Bruce:

This is the new sanctuary in their church:

We had a wonderful visit with Fred and Cheryl and were thankful we were able to visit with them. We drove back down to Megan and Jim's and spent a few more days with them and then Meg and the children returned home with us and spent a few days here visiting with friends and family. Unfortunately Jim had to stay home and keep things going at the golf course. We did get to see him again when he met us in Indiana to retrieve his family.

Here's a picture of our three grandchildren together:

So, that's how we spent our summer vacation. Travel can be tiring but it is a great blessing to spend time with family and friends who so willingly open their homes to us. We are thankful that the Lord allowed us to make this trip and have many wonderful memories as we start another school year this week.


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Our trip to Ohio and Michigan

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post these pictures from our trip to Ohio and Michigan. It probably seems like old news now that school is starting up. I have been grappling with some computer issues that I am trying to learn, so I have been choosing to post things with fewer pictures. Hopefully eventually I will get the hang of this program. ๐Ÿ™‚

The week after I retired we headed up to Ohio and Michigan. It had been over a year since we were last able to make the trip. Our first stop was to spend the night with Rob's sister Deb and her husband Dan. As per usual they treated us royally and we wished we could have stayed even longer. They are both great fishers and for supper Dan prepared some delicous fish which were caught in Lake Erie. I think he's as good a cook as he is a fisherman.

We also got to see their neighbor, Virginia, who is one of my faithful readers. She had been sick for a while shortly before our visit, so I hope she is feeling much better by now.

We always enjoy sitting out on Deb and Dan's patio while we are visiting with them and enjoy watching the hummingbirds which frequent the trumpet vine in the yard near the patio. We found out on this visit that Deb has been hiding some of her talents from us all these years. She showed us these corn hole boards that she had painted recently.

picture of Deb Dan Corn Hole Boards

I mentioned in a previous post that we were able to spend the day with Rob's mom on her birthday and all of us took her out to lunch at one of her favorite places, Cracker Barrel. Here's a picture of Rob, his mom, and his sister, Deb:

picture of Norma's Birthday 7-11

After our visits in Ohio we continued on to Michigan. Drew was eagerly awaiting our arrival:

picture of Drew Binoculars

We were thrilled to find out that he is going to be a big brother and are greatly anticipating that event.

During the days we visited with Meg, Jim, and Drew we visited a number of our favorite places, including some thrift stores and Randazzo's:

picture of Outside Randazzos 7-11

Here are a couple of shots inside of this lovely market:

picture of Randazzos Vegetables 8-11

picture of Randazzos Vegetables 2 8-11

We did visit a new place however. Megan found tickets to an animal safari in Port Clinton, Ohio for a very good price on Groupon. We drove down there one day and all of us had a very good time. There is an area with some animals in enclosures, a playground, picnic area, pony ride, and a pig race!

The walking zoo had many animals including these llamas and a kangaroo.

picture of Llamas 7-11

picture of Kangaroo 7-11

Here's Drew on the pony ride:

picture of Drew Pony Ride 2 7-11

Here's an action shot of the pig race:

picture of Drew Pig Race 7-11

After eating our picnic lunch, touring this area, and watching a pig race we headed to the drive through part of the safari. The animals were quite tame and we enjoyed getting a close up view of many of them.

picture of Zebras 7-11

picture of Deer 7-11

picture of Buffalo 7-11

picture of Giraffe 7-11

We had some carrots for Drew to feed to the animals and we were all amused when Drew started taking a bite out of each of the carrots before passing them out the window. That's one way to get your kids to eat vegetables.

picture of Carrots 7-11

Megan and Drew came back home with us for a week after our visit up there and on the way back we stopped in to visit my Aunt Nana in Ohio and were also able to see her brother, my Uncle Don who we hadn't seen for many many years. Unfortunately we didn't get any photos that day.

So, as you can see we had a very busy and very blessed trip.


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The Henry Ford

While we were in Michigan in December Rob, Mark, Katie and I spent a day at the Henry Ford Museum (which is now just referred to as "The Henry Ford" on the literature they give you.) I had been to Greenfield Village a few years ago when I was up visiting with Megan and her first grade class, but the last time I visited the museum was when Megan was in a stroller.

One thing I noticed that has changed in the quarter century since my last visit is that there are a lot more interactive exhibits now. There seem to be more things that are of interest to children. Katie was a little dismayed to see that they had some of the toys on display she had played with as a little girl!

Here are a few pictures of things that we saw that day:

There was a large special exhibit of things built from Legos, such as this dragon:

picture of Lego Dragon

There was a model of downtown Detroit made from Legos complete with a running train:

picture of HF Lego Train

There were many, many old bicycles, cars, airplanes, and trains, such as this one:

picture of Mark Train

We saw the chair that Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot:

picture of Lincoln's Chair

They also have an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile:

picture of Wienermobile

Here is a boy experiencing what it is like to be a hot dog:

picture of Human Hotdog

You can actually eat a hot dog in the museum but we chose to eat lunch at the Michigan Cafe instead:

picture of Michigan Cafe

We saw many, many other interesting things at the museum. I would definitely encourage you to go if you are ever in the area. It is very well organized and enjoyable.

In my next post I want to show you something I made for Christmas.


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