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A day in the mountains

Rob and I have been wanting to go to the mountains for several weeks now and were finally able to take a little trek yesterday. Before we left we tackled two big jobs that we have been wanting to accomplish for quite a while: cleaning out the garage and washing the car. Rob is also writing about our day on his blog in a post called A Saturday not like All the Rest, and he will tell more about what he discovered while cleaning out the garage and give other details of our day.

Our first stop was for lunch at a fairly new little restaurant I had heard about recently, the Cafe at Williams Hardware in Travelers Rest, SC.

picture of Cafe at Williams Hardware

As the name suggests, the cafe is in a former hardware store. It also boasts a gift shop with many nice little items. The cafe was doing a brisk business and we saw several people we knew as we enjoyed our lunch there.

From TR we headed up near Asheville, NC and got on the Blue Ridge Parkway after making a brief stop to purchase a few apples. The parkway was lovely — the skies were very clear and there wasn't a bit of fog. The automobile traffic was not heavy but we did encounter many motorcycles. It's probably a lot safer place to ride a motorcycle than on the highway since the speed limit is 45 mph and no large trucks are allowed. We stopped at several overlooks along the road to enjoy the lovely views.

picture of Blue Ridge 1

picture of Blue Ridge 2

We headed down from the Parkway toward Brevard,NC and stopped at the Cradle of Forestry where we enjoyed looking around in the nature center, gift shop, taking a simulated helicopter ride, watching a film about the history of the school, and a one mile hike through the forest viewing the old buildings that were a part of the forestry school.

picture of Cradle of Forestry Sign

picture of Helicopter Ride

picture of Cradle Building

picture of Cradle Commissary Exterior

Some of the buildings had people doing various crafts. We had not visited since our children were small and we discovered that the center has been expanded since then. It costs five dollars for each adult to tour, but children 15 and under are free, so it could be a pretty inexpensive place for a family to visit. There are picnic facilities on the property and also nearby on the parkway. To see everything you should probably plan to stay there at least three hours.

It is open April through November and they have many special events on the weekends.

We will both be working tomorrow, so that was our big adventure for this Labor Day weekend. How about you — any special plans for Labor Day?


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