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A trip to the beach


Earlier this month Rob and I went to visit my friend and former college roommate, Cathy, at her condo at Carolina Beach which is near Wilmington, NC. We had a wonderful visit--it was the perfect combination of activities and relaxation. Cathy is a wonderful hostess and tour guide. Unfortunately her husband David had to work so we didn't get to visit with him.

One place we went to visit was the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. It is a very nice aquarium.


They do some work protecting sea turtles in the area and they actually had a small sea turtle (less than a year of age) that you can view up close.


Some of the exhibits are the kind that allow you to handle the animals if you wish. There was also a special exhibit of Lorikeets on the property and it was fun to see them as well. They were very colorful and friendly.


One day we went to downtown Wilmington and toured some shops in an old cotton mill which has been converted into a shopping and restaurant venue. While were were there we ate lunch at a place called The Basics. All three of us chose dishes which centered around grits--Cathy and I had grits with feta cheese, roasted tomatoes, and caramelized onions and Rob had Shrimp and Grits. We all enjoyed our choices.

We also enjoyed sitting on the porch of the condo and enjoying the cool breezes while looking at the ocean.


Two of the days while we were there there were weddings on the beach just to the left of us. I was very surprised that the weddings were held in such a public area of the beach with all sorts of people walking around with surf boards, etc.


One day for lunch we went to a place called Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn.


They had all kinds of ingredients that you can choose from to make up your burrito. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal there and were tempted to stop again on our way out of town!

Another place that we have heard about from Cathy for many years is a legendary doughnut shop called Britts. It has been open since 1939. They just make one kind of doughnut, which is similar to the hot ones you can get at Krispy Kreme. The doughnuts did not disappoint. They are extremely light and delicious. After tasting these doughnuts it was easy to see why they are so popular.


It's a great blessing to have friendships which span not only years, but decades. We were talking about the fact that as we age more and more of our friends are passing into eternity. We were thankful for the opportunity to catch up with one of our "old" friends and for her gracious hospitality.


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What’s been happening around here

We've been keeping very busy around here for the last week or so, so there hasn't been much time to post. Just in case you are interested in what we have been up to, I invite you to hop on over to DD Megan's blog where she has a delightful post which very nicely sums up the activities we have been involved in this week. You can find it here.

Hope your week has been just as delightful!


P.S. We discovered quite by accident that the Cradle of Forestry is free on Tuesdays this summer, so if you are looking for an inexpensive adventure and can go on a Tuesday you might want to consider driving up to the forest.

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A lovely weekend

Our neighbor, Mary's son, Garrison was married recently in Raleigh, North Carolina. We were able to attend the wedding and we were able to stay with our friends, Cathy and David, who live in the area.

Here are the bride and her father walking down the long staircase:

Here is Mary with her son, Garrison, and her new daughter-in-law, Lauren.

Garrison and Lauren both taught in China for a year and they chose to serve Chinese finger foods for the appetizers before the wedding dinner.

The dinner was delicious and the table settings and flowers were especially pretty.

The new couple will be residing in Florida where the groom will be completing another year of training.

We drove up to the Raleigh area on Friday and the wedding wasn't until Saturday evening. On Saturday morning Cathy took us to a wonderful farmer's market in Raleigh. She told us that NC has two state farmer's markets: one in Raleigh and one in Asheville. The market was huge and had aisle after aisle of fresh vegetables, fruits, plants, and flowers. I tried to restrain myself, but couldn't resist buying a box of tomatoes for canning. We ate a delicious breakfast at the restaurant at the market. People were lined up out the door waiting for tables and we could see why.

Cathy also took us on a tour of their printing business, Millenium Printing. The Lord has blessed their business and it was amazing to see some of the things that they have been able to produce.

On Sunday we went to church (I often listen to their pastor on BBN) and out to lunch and then back to Cathy and David's for a picture session before heading back home.

We had a very enjoyable visit and took the scenic way to Charlotte, driving on routes US 64 and NC 49 and then catching I-85 going right by IKEA to come back to Greenville. On NC 49 we stopped for a coffee/ice cream/bathroom break at Coffee Central in Richfield, North Carolina and enjoyed talking with the owner of the shop there.

I tried something new for canning some of the tomatoes. I had been reading about Tattler canning lids for a couple of years now and bought one box of them this spring at the Mast General Store. The lids have removable rubber rings and they are reusable. They are a bit pricey initially but they can be re-used several times. I thought they were easy to use and was pleased that all my jars sealed properly. Have any of you heard of or used Tattler lids?


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