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A recipe and a tip

The summer has been flying by and my poor blog has been neglected! We have been busy with some household projects and some special family times. Rather than trying to cover everything that has happened the last couple of months I thought I would keep this short and sweet and post a good recipe for a one-skillet meal that we tried recently and for a tip which is helpful in these hot summer months.


My daughter, Megan, told me about this Chicken Fajita Pasta recipe from a blog called Kevin and Amanda's Recipes. I tried this a couple of weeks ago and we really liked it. I made the taco seasoning that is mentioned in her post and we thought it was very good. About the only changes I made to the recipe were to use penne pasta, and some plain canned diced tomatoes, combined with some canned diced green chilis since I didn't have any Rotel tomatoes.

The tip I want to mention is one I read about in Cook's Illustrated magazine. They suggest reheating pizza on the stove top in a covered skillet. I have been doing this in my largest non-stick skillet which happens to have a glass lid. I heat the slices of pizza on a very low heat until the cheese starts looking shiny and kind of melted. If you watch carefully it doesn't get overly browned on the bottom and the pizza doesn't seem to dry out and get tough the way it sometimes can if you reheat it in the oven.



I have found over the years that one way to make leftovers more appealing is to find proper ways of reheating them so they are not dried out and so they look attractive. This can mean carefully transferring the leftover foods to a clean, smaller casserole dish, adding liquids such as milk or water, covering the pan or casserole while reheating, and garnishing the new dish with additional toppings. Many foods are actually better the second time around. Would you agree?

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