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Fresh Pineapple

Pineapples are on sale this week at Aldi and my friend Sandy gave me one. I got to thinking that perhaps it would be helpful if I would post some pictures of how to cut a pineapple. I can remember being rather intimidated the first few times I tried cutting one. So, here you go:

Step #1: Gather your supplies
a fresh pineapple
cutting board
sturdy knife
flexible knife (a friend who lived in Hawaii for a few years gave me this special pineapple knife. It is really great for cutting pineapples and melons.) You could use any thin-bladed knife, like a boning knife.

picture of Pineapple 1

Step #2: Cut the ends off the pineapple.

picture of Pineapple 2

Step #3: Cut the pineapple into four pieces, cutting from top to bottom.

picture of Pineapple 3

Step #4: Using the flexible knife cut the core (the hard, pithy middle section) out of the pineapple. Note: The edges of the core are good for nibbling!

picture of Pineapple 4

Step #5: Using the flexible knife cut the outer peel off of the pineapple. (If any of the eyes remain you can use the tip of a vegetable peeler to remove them.)

picture of Pineapple 5

Step #6: Cut the pineapple into cubes.

picture of Pineapple 6

Enjoy your delicious pineapple!


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