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Do you procrastinate about some aspect of homemaking? I know I do at times.

I thought I would share with you a few things that have helped me to avoid procrastination over the years.

1. Many years ago I read an article which talked about the Orange Peel Principle. The basic story was that a woman had a guest drop by and as she sat conversing with her guest she noticed an orange peel on the floor. She couldn't concentrate on her guest because all she could think about was the orange peel (which her guest probably never noticed.) She sat there thinking she should have swept and mopped the floor when all she really needed to do was to pick up the orange peel. Often we make our tasks more complicated than they need to be. There is something to be said for having a basic cleaning schedule and certain standards of cleanliness, but when several people share a home it is going to look "lived in."

Is there an orange peel in your life? Sometimes housework can get overwhelming when we set a standard of perfection for ourselves. If there is some area of your home which really bothers you try to tackle it first. If you keep noticing that your blinds are dusty and it bothers you put that task at the top of your to do list. It will lift your spirits and you may find it takes much less time than you had thought it would.

2. Try to break big jobs down into smaller, more manageable sections. Not many of us can clean all our kitchen cabinets in one fell swoop, but we could clean one or two shelves a day. Most jobs can be broken down like this and often after you start a task that gives you incentive to carry on.

3. Just get started. Often big jobs can seem daunting, but when you get started and see some progress in your work it can actually start to be fun and you can do more than you had originally intended.

4. I once read a book by Marla Cilley, aka the Flylady, who has developed a system of cleaning and organizing your home. One piece of advice in her book I have found to be very liberating is: "Housework, even poorly done, blesses my home." Even when you can't clean as thoroughly or do everything you would like to be able to do, every effort you can put into cleaning, organizing, and straightening up your home will bless it.

How about you — can you share any tips for motivating us in our work?


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