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Final Installment of our Michigan Adventure

We stayed in Michigan for a few days after Megan's surgery and helped care for the children, prepared some meals ahead, and did some yard work. It was hard to leave not knowing the results of Megan's tests yet, but since she was feeling somewhat better we decided we'd better head for home.

Our anniversary is in April and we planned to celebrate it on one of our trips to Michigan this summer by spending the night in Berea, Kentucky. On our way home from this trip Rob made arrangements for us to stay there overnight and to tour a few of the many shops where the local artisans sell their wares. We didn't buy much but it was fun to see all the beautiful things that they have created. We were also able to eat a meal at the Boone Tavern Restaurant.

Here is a picture of one of the porches and some of the beautiful flowers:


We were the first to arrive for lunch and snapped a picture of the empty dining room:


My mother and I had eaten there thirty-eight years ago and I was able to order the same meal: Creamed Chicken in a Bird's Nest:


My meal was preceded with a salad with the house dressing which had an orange marmalade base:


Rob loves fish so he ordered this meal which also included Smoked Potato Salad:


All the meals are served with spoonbread, which was delicious.


We both had peach tea to drink. Each glass had a large slice of frozen peach to help keep it cool and to add to the taste.


On the way to Michigan I had seen a sign for The Quilt Patch quilt shop in Lafollette, Tennessee and we were able to stop there on the return trip. The shop is located a few miles off the interstate and is in a mall. There's not much on the website, but it does give you the address and phone number. 🙂 It is a really nice shop and the ladies who work there were extremely helpful. I saw a quilt in the shop which I liked and they actually looked through their stash of magazines and photocopied the directions for making it for me. I also purchased this pattern for the Church Lady Apron and some fabric to make it.


Here is the finished product, which is reversable:


Since arriving home we have tackled some cleaning and organizing projects, I've done some sewing and canned some fig jam, and now Rob is back at school. His classes start later this week. My daughter-in-law, Katie is still on maternity leave for a few more days but I soon will begin keeping Ryan and Avery. I'll be sure to add some current pictures in an upcoming post.


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This and that

I'll start this post with a recent picture of Ryan who is nearly 18 months old now and lots of fun:

We drove up to the mountains one afternoon last week and after stopping at one of our favorite bakeries for a delicious Cranberry Apricot Scone we drove on down the road making our way to the apple farm to restock our dwindling supply of eating apples and produce. On the way Rob noticed some activity in a store front that used to be a quilt shop. He quickly pulled into the parking lot and we went in to the Beginnings Quilt Shop. The store has a lot of beautiful, modern fabrics, some patterns and quilting supplies. The owner told us that she has only been open for four weeks. So, if you are a quilter and are in the Flat Rock, North Carolina area you will have to check it out.

We did end up getting some fresh vegetables and some apples. A friend asked me to bring some apples and caramel dip to a bridal shower that is coming up and we were discussing how to keep the apples looking nice. I told her that my friend Kathy had told me about soaking the apple slices in Sprite or Seven Up to keep them from browning. She said she had tried that but it hadn't worked well for her.

Well, this morning I decided to do a little experiment. I peeled, cored, and sliced apples into four different solutions: Sprite, citric acid in water, salt water, and Fruit Fresh water. I let the apples soak for about an hour and then took some out and put them on a plate and let them stand for an hour.

At the end of the standing time I discovered that all of the solutions did a great job of keeping the apples from oxidizing. The apples soaked in Sprite and in the Fruit Fresh solution tasted the best. The salt water apples tasted slightly salty--this would not be a problem if you normally add a little salt to the pie or apple crisp you might be making. The apples soaked in the citric acid solution were very tart--this too would not pose a problem if you normally add lemon juice to your pie or apple crisp.

I then drained all of the apples and combined them to make an apple pie using this recipe. (I just omitted the boiled cider since I didn't have any.) The pie ran over and looks rather messy, but we ate it any way. 🙂

What is your preferred method for keeping fruit from turning brown?


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