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The Real Deal

There are several young women in the Greenville area who have blogs about bargains in our area. One of DD Nora's friends, Jessica, has such a blog called Bargain Banana. Nora and Jessica worked together in the Child Development center on campus when they were in college. They went to visit one of the children in their class who had been hospitalized one evening and Nora ended up in the Emergency Room. Needless to say, Rob and I were shocked when the Dean of Women called to ask us to come down to the hospital to pick her up. That's another story for another time!

Back to the bargains. I occasionally peruse Jessica's blog and have found some good tips and ideas. In one of her posts she mentioned a new store on Woodruff Road called Real Deals. I finally got around to visiting it a couple of months ago and discovered that it does, indeed, have some real deals! The store has all kinds of home decor items that change out frequently, including pictures, flower arrangements, candles, wreaths, sconces, seasonal items, and a myriad of other things too numerous to mention.

One unusual thing about the store is its very limited hours of operation. It's only open on Thursdays from 9-5 and Saturdays from 9-3. I thought it was just a local store but when I checked it out on-line I discovered that it's a chain that started in Georgia and that it has quite a few locations out West. You can check it out here: Real Deals.

It's located at 700 Woodruff Road (near Beck Middle School). It's on the opposite side of Woodruff than Beck School, right at Salters Road. I take Laurens Road to get there. It's closer to that end of Woodruff than the Shops of Greenridge end. The ladies there are very friendly and helpful and the prices are good. I have found several new things for my house plus a couple of gift items as well.

Here's a journal and little artificial nest I have in my guest room:

picture of Fake nest

Here's a wreath I have hanging over the sink in my kitchen:

picture of Yellow wreath

Here's what the store looks like:

picture of Realdeals

Here's hoping that you will check it out and perhaps find some real deals of your own!


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