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A Friday night adventure


DH Rob got a new GPS for his birthday and decided to try it out on our recent trip to Ohio. We have made that trip too many times to count over the last thirty years but he was interested to see what the GPS would recommend.

We were surprised that the GPS recommended a different route for the first small leg of our trip and decided to try it to see if it was indeed shorter. We were very pleasantly surprised to find that it was not only shorter but there were also very few stops and less traffic. I must insert here in my story that it was very early in the morning and it was still dark outside.

Last weekend when we headed up to NC for one last apple run we took the new route once again. This time we drove in the daylight. While driving along in the country we noticed a small diner with a parking lot packed full of cars. After we returned home I did some research online and discovered that this diner, The Hungry Drover, which is located on Tigerville Road in Travelers Rest, SC has been open for only about a year and a half.

The Hungry Drover has a Facebook page where you can see pictures and read about what is going on. They have a limited Friday evening menu which they list on their Facebook page. They also sell a variety of hand-crafted items and locally grown produce when it's in season.



The night we went the specials were Low-Country Boil and a barbecue plate. We both opted for the barbecue plate, which included two sides. Rob chose cole slaw and baked beans and I chose roasted red potato salad and baked beans. The barbecue, cole slaw and potato salad were excellent, but I thought the baked beans were a little too spicy for my taste.


We discovered from reading the comments on-line that some friends of ours have eaten there in the past. Rob talked with them and they said they love going there for breakfast. We hope to try that some time as well.

Have any of you ever been to the Hungry Drover? If not I would highly recommend that you give it a try.

The restaurant is located at 2601 Tigerville Road, Travelers Rest, SC. The phone numbers are 864-834-4707 or 864-901-5040. You might want to call or check the Facebook page before heading there. They are open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday and also Friday nights for supper. The Friday menu is variable.


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Another installment in our Michigan adventure

If you have been following the story of our daughter Megan's recent thyroidectomy she has posted a sequel detailing her surgery and the events following it.

After we arrived back in Michigan with Megan and the children we spent the night and then headed about five hours further north to visit our friends, Fred and Cheryl, who live in Cheboygan, Michigan for part of the year and here in Greenville for the other part of the year. On our way up we stopped at the Dawson and Stevens Restaurant in Graying, Michigan for lunch. It is like an old fashioned diner and it has the most Coca Cola memorabilia I have seen outside of the Coke Museum in Atlanta. The food was good too, and we will definitely remember to stop there again on future travels.

Here are a couple of pictures of the restaurant:



Fred and Cheryl have a beautiful home right on a lake far from the beaten path. Cell phone reception is a bit unpredictable. Our GPS was even a little confused as well and took us on a little adventure through the woods on an unpaved road until we turned back for fear of getting bogged down in the mud!

Rob helped Fred cut down some pine trees on the property in preparation for getting their driveway paved. After they were cut down it was discovered that several of the trees had severe damage from carpenter ants. I was relieved when the trees were cut down and all the men were safely back on the ground. Ladders and power saws always make me a bit nervous. All the twisting, lifting, and climbing did a number on Fred's back and he was in a lot of pain for quite a while afterwards.

Here are the lumberjacks:


Rob holding the rope:

Here is an example of the damage from the ants:


The Saturday we were visiting Fred and Cheryl took us up to Pickford, Michigan, which is in the Upper Peninsula. Cheryl's grandmother was from Pickford and she has quite a few cousins who live in the area. Every year on the first Saturday of August the town of Pickford has something called Hay Days. On this day they have a parade, special competitions, special eating opportunities, and many families have reunions. People come from all over every year to meet with their friends and loved ones. We attended the parade, ate lunch at one event and then had delicious strawberry sundaes at another venue. We also were able to meet some of Cheryl's extended family.

Here is a picture of Fred and Cheryl and some pictures of some of the Hay Days events:





The next day was Sunday and we were able to attend church with Fred and Cheryl and see some friends we have known for many years who also live in the area before heading back to the lower part of the state to help Megan during her surgery. I'll detail more about that the the conclusion of our trip in my next post.

Here is a recipe for a delicious salad which Cheryl served us during our visit. It is a pasta salad with a sweet and sour dressing rather than a mayonnaise type dressing. Both Rob and I really enjoyed it and I have made it for us since returning home.


Cheryl's Pasta Salad

8 oz. (1/2 box) of ruffled macaroni (Radiatore)
1/3 cup oil
3/4 cup sugar (you could probably use Splenda)
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/2 tsp. salt
3/4 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. pepper
couple shakes red pepper (optional)
1/2 tsp. celery seed (optional)
1/2 tsp. dry mustard
About 1/2 cup of each of the following vegetables cut into bite size:
green onion
green pepper
cherry tomatoes
(about 2 1/2-3 cups total)
Cook pasta. Drain and while still warm combine with oil.
Mix sugar, vinegar, salt, garlic powder, peppers, celery seed, and dry mustard.
Combine pasta, dressing, and vegetables.
Cover and refrigerate overnight before serving.




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