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Road Trip

We have been on a road trip for a couple weeks visiting family and friends. I decided I needed to take a few posts to tell about our travels. We left home and headed up Interstate 77 to visit my sister and brother-in-law and their son, Zack, in Ohio. Here's a picture of Zack and his girlfriend, Abi.

picture of Zack and Abi

We normally travel up I-75 on the other side of the state. We found I-77 to be much less heavily traveled and we had a very enjoyable drive up. We were entertained in the car by listening to a mystery on CD's from the library.

We arrived at the Campbell home in time for supper and spent an enjoyable evening and early morning the next day with them before they had to leave for work and we headed out on the next leg of our journey.

We drove across Ohio on route 30, which also was not at all congested. We headed to Findlay, Ohio to visit my Aunt Nana and Aunt Rose, who are my dad's sisters.

picture of Nana and Rose

We were very happy that my cousin, Diane, who lives and works in Brazil, was also there visiting. Aunt Nana provided a delicious lunch for us, and we had a pleasant time conversing and learning more about Diane's life and work in South America, where she has lived for over thirty years. Here is a picture of Diane and me.

picture of Diane Bechtel

In my next post I'll tell about our next destination. Stay tuned.


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