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Chicken Caesar Sandwiches


I was recently re-organizing my freezer and discovered several packages of cooked chicken that needed to be used. I had seen a recipe for Chicken Caesar Sandwiches and thought that I could adapt it to use cooked chicken. The original recipe called for cooking the chicken in the crockpot and then using it to make sandwiches. This would also work with leftover turkey just in case you have any next week. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is more of a method rather than an actual recipe.

Heat the leftover chicken in a skillet with a little water or broth. As the meat cooks try to shred it up a bit if it is in large chunks. When the meat is heated through stir in some bottled caesar salad dressing, shredded parmesan cheese, pepper, and chopped fresh parsley. Serve on hamburger buns with a leaf of Romaine lettuce.

These were quite tasty and made a quick, easy meal. Keep this one in mind in the coming busy weeks.

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Peter Piper….


If you completed that phrase in your mind you have discovered the theme of this post--pickled peppers. I saw the recipe for these pickled peppers a few months ago on the Iowa Housewife blog and was intrigued by it. My dad used to can very hot peppers which he adored but they are not something either Rob nor I care for. This recipe is for a sweet refrigerator pickle rather than a pickle that has to be brined and canned. You do need to be patient for a couple of weeks to allow the flavors to develop a bit before you dig into them. We like them on sandwiches and they would also work well in things like Three Bean or Potato Salad for a little zing or color. I would not advise substituting them in savory dishes such as Chicken a la King as I think they would be too sweet, but if you try them you can see what you think.

To make the pickles you can use large red, yellow, or orange bell peppers or you can use some of the smaller colored peppers which are often sold quite inexpensively by the bagful these days. I have tried this recipe with both kinds. I found that I needed more brine to cover the peppers completely in the jars so have adapted the recipe accordingly.

Pickled Peppers

2 large red bell peppers (or yellow or orange)
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
1-2 Tbsps. olive oil
1 tsp. sea salt

Sterilize a couple of jars. Pints work well for this. Wash peppers, remove most of the seeds and membranes and then slice into strips. Cover with boiling water and then let them soak for about 5 minutes. Drain.

Meanwhile combine the vinegar, water and sugar and bring to a boil. Simmer for 5 minutes and then remove from heat. Add garlic, olive oil, and salt. Place the peppers in the prepared jars and then pour the vinegar mixture over them to cover. Store in the refrigerator for two weeks before using. These will keep for several months in the refrigerator. They are very tasty and easy to make.

One of our favorite ways to use them is making these sandwiches:


There is not a real "recipe" for these. Here are some general directions for making them.

Briefly heat tortillas in the microwave. Cover with a damp paper towel to prevent them from drying out. For just two tortillas I would microwave for 20 seconds on high.


Spread a layer of vegetable dip down the middle of the tortilla. If you do not have vegetable dip you could use ranch dressing or a combination of ranch dressing and cream cheese. Add some grated cheese and thinly sliced lunch meat. I generally use ham or turkey.


Top with a lettuce leaf, some sliced cucumbers, and some fresh or pickled peppers.


Roll up and fasten with a toothpick. I like to wrap these in plastic wrap. They work well for school lunches or when we are travelling. If you just unwrap the top these are easy to eat without creating a mess in the car. You can also make these with other types of wraps such as the Flat Out brand, but I normally keep tortillas on hand and they are less expensive.


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A new favorite

Years ago we were invited to someone's home after church on a Sunday evening and she served hot ham and cheese sandwiches individually wrapped in foil. She had put them together ahead of time and then heated them in the oven after church.

A few weeks ago I decided to try making the sandwiches and wrapping them in foil and putting them in the crockpot just before leaving for church. I made the sandwiches using buns, ham, dijonaisse (a mustard/mayo combination), olive salad, and cheese. I put them in the crockpot on low temperature and they were just perfect by the time we returned home.


I have also been making these sandwiches for Rob to take to work and reheat in his little mini crockpot. Have you heard of these? I saw them mentioned on a blog last year and we ordered one on Amazon. Since then I have seen them locally at Target. They are just perfect for reheating a single serving of leftovers for lunch. This might be a great Christmas gift idea for your favorite office worker or college student. ๐Ÿ™‚


What are your favorite things to serve after church on Sunday nights?

Buddy Update:
Rob took pity on Buddy and scrubbed his face and neck with baby shampoo. Buddy has been diligently working on other soiled areas and is looking much better. Rob also installed a large piece of plexiglass in front of the opening of the fireplace to prevent further exploration. As I write this Buddy is sitting on top of the desk staring at the ceiling. Apparently he's a social climber.


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One of my favorites

One of my favorite websites is Mennonite Girls Can Cook. A group of twelve Mennonite women take turns posting recipes on their website each day. On Sundays they post a devotional thought called Bread for the Journey. After the success of their website they have published a cookbook. The cover features some very attractive aprons flapping in the breeze on a clothesline. There is a link on the website explaining about the aprons and telling which pattern was used. A while back when Hobby Lobby had Simplicity patterns on sale I purchased the pattern. I have made quite a few aprons that are bound in narrow bias tape. Several years ago I ordered this "spool" of 100 yards of double fold bias tape from Home-Sew Inc. It's much more economical than buying the small packages. It's also nice to not have to piece the bias tape.

Recently one of my favorite aprons needed to be replaced so I was able to use my new pattern with some 1930's style fabric from my stash. Here's the finished product:

One of my favorite recipes from MGCC is this one for French Bread. I've been making a batch nearly every week. I ususally make two small loaves of the French Bread and then something else, such as pizza, stromboli, cheeseburger buns, etc. I usually give one of the loaves away and we eat the other one. One thing I like to make with the bread is these open-faced sandwiches. There isn't really a "recipe" for these, but I'll tell you how to make them.

Open-faced Toasted Ham Sandwiches

1 loaf French or Italian bread, sliced in half lengthwise. One half will serve 2-3
olive salad or Italian salad dressing
sliced ham lunch meat
sliced cheese
very thinly sliced tomatoes (Roma are best because they are drier)
Italian seasoning

Place bread on a baking sheet and spread with olive spread or drizzle with a little Italian dressing.
Layer on the ham.
Slice the cheese in half diagonally and arrange on top of the ham.
Top with tomato slices and a sprinkle of Italian seasoning.

Bake at 400 degrees for about 15 mins. or until sandwich is heated through and cheese is melted. These sandwiches can be assembled ahead of time and then heated later. It makes a nice Sunday night supper after church.

Here are a few pictures showing the process:

The bread:

The Olive Salad:

The ham and cheese:

The finished sandwich, ready to eat:

So, if you need an easy meal idea here's one you can try.


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New Recipes recently

I tried a couple of new recipes recently that I had found on the internet. The first was pulled pork from a recipe I found on the Southern Plate website. I had never made pulled pork before, but we love barbecue, so I thought I would give it a try. It turned out delicious! I served it on the pretzel rolls I wrote about in my last post. I had a pork roast in the freezer which was smaller than the one in the original recipe, so I cut back on the recipe and found it still made quite a bit. If you like pork I would encourage you to try this easy and good recipe.

The second new recipe was for these peach cupcakes:

picture of Peach Cupcakes 9-11

I had seen a photo of these on Pinterest and was intrigued by them. The woman who posted the original recipe also has similar recipes for blueberry and strawberry cupcakes. The cupcakes use fresh peaches and freeze dried peaches and are really moist and flavorful. I found the dried peaches at Target. I also saw the freeze dried blueberries and strawberries at Trader Joes and hope to try those variations some time. I think these cupcakes would be lovely made into little mini cupcakes for a shower or tea.

How about you--have you tried any new recipes recently?


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