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A few kitchen tips

In a recent post I mentioned using a Silpat to line a pan for easy clean-up. Rhonda wrote and asked about the Silpat, so I thought I'd post a picture to show what it looks like.

picture of Silpat

The Silpat is a silicone/fiberglass mat that can withstand high temperature. You have probably seen all kinds of bakeware made from this type of material in recent years. I have had my Silpat for a number of years as you can tell from it's stained condition. It is very handy for baking items such as cheesy sandwiches, etc. when you are trying to avoid a lot of clean-up

Another item I have been using a great deal lately to avoid clean-up are these foil sheets. I saw them a few months ago at Dollar Tree and decided to try a box. I have really enjoyed using them and have found all kinds of uses for them in my kitchen. I even gave each of the kids a box of them for Christmas! DH bought me a large box of them at Costco for even less than I paid for them at Dollar Tree.

picture of Foil Sheets

The next tip is for lining a casserole dish or baking pan with foil. I think I read this tip in a magazine. Turn your pan or dish upside down and shape the foil on the outside of the pan. Remove the foil and then flip the pan over and place the shaped foil inside the pan. I have found this makes it fit much better than if you try to stuff the foil down inside the pan or dish and then try to smooth it out.

picture of Foil Pan

Do you ever need to cut a pie into an odd number of pieces? Here is a helpful tip: If you need to cut the pie into seven pieces (or five or nine) first cut a "Y" shaped cut into the pie. Then cut the large sections into three pieces each (or two or four). I have found this to work much better than just trying to eyeball the cuts.

picture of Odd Pie

Do you have a favorite kitchen tip you would like to share?


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