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What we’ve been up to

We recently spent a week up in Ohio and Michigan visiting family and then Megan and Drew returned home with us. We have been having a great time and I hope to share some of our adventures with you in future posts.

While we were in Michigan we spent a day in Toledo, Ohio, and went to the zoo, ate supper at Tony Packo's and went to a Toledo Mud Hen game. Here are some pictures from our adventures that day:

The zoo has several polar bears, including this adorable 5 month old:

picture of Polar Bears

When we walked up to the gorilla enclosure this fellow ran up to the glass and banged on it giving us all quite a scare.

picture of Gorilla

Drew really enjoyed petting and brushing the goats.

picture of Drew and Goats

We ate supper at Tony Packos. We had heard about this restaurant for many years, but this was our first visit. We enjoyed it very much.

picture of Tony Packos

The restaurant was right across the street from the Toledo Mud Hen ball field:

picture of Mud Hen Game

Here are Meg, Jim, and Drew at the game:

picture of Hawkins at Game

Here we are at the game:

picture of Us at Game

And, finally, here is Drew meeting the Mud Hen Mascot, Mudonna:

picture of Drew and Hen


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