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Scenes from the Sweatshop

My niece wrote last week and asked how things were going in Nora's sweatshop. Our house looks kind of like an explosion in a craft store at the moment. Every horizontal surface is covered with some craft material, food item, or serving piece.

Here's the top of the piano:

picture of Explosion

Everyone has been drafted into service this week trying to finish up various projects.

Megan worked on paper flowers, made a ribbon bouquet for the wedding rehearsal, and stamped initials on napkins.

picture of Megan Paper Flowers

picture of Ribbon Bouquet

picture of Stamping Napkins

Nora made lots of corsages and boutonniers and made pillows for the ringbearers.

picture of Nora Flowers

picture of Ringbearer Pillow

We made thirty-six dozen cookies, baked the wedding cake layers, and dipped pretzels in chocolate.

picture of Cookie Factory

picture of B and N Pretzels

Drew helped taste test the pretzels.

picture of Drew Pretzels

Drew also helped Nora and Topher with a number of other projects.

picture of Drew Helping Nora

picture of Topher Painting

Topher's Mom and Aunt Lonnie helped with the paper flowers.

picture of Becky and Lonnie Flowers

Nora's good friend, Rebecca F. made these cookies for wedding favors and Topher's Mom and Aunt Lonnie helped package them.

picture of Cubs Cookies

picture of Packing Cookies

Rob helped put together the wedding programs.

picture of Rob Punching

I doubt that I'll be able to post again before the wedding. We've got a lot of really last minute details to take care of at this point and most of the out-of town guests are coming in. We really do appreciate your prayers and well wishes.


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Wedding preparation update

Well, we're in the home stretch now -- less that a month until W-E-D day. I am making good progress on the bridesmaid's dresses. I put the sleeves in the final dress last night and all four are ready for a final fitting. I will be greatly relieved when I know if they all fit properly. Three of the four girls live out of state.

Nora and Topher went this week to get their wedding license. This reminded me of another young couple who also married in April -- many years ago -- Rob and me. The town we were from in Ohio was not the county seat so we had to travel to Tiffin, Ohio to get our wedding license. When we found the office and went in to get the license the clerk told us to raise our right hands and then she said: "Do you solemnly swear that you are not idiots, imbeciles, or first cousins?" We both laughed and wondered (to ourselves) if we had been idiots or imbeciles, would we have know enough to admit it? She assured us that we had to answer the question and so we assured her that of course we were not idiots, imbeciles, or first cousins! We were then able to get the license.

We have asked many other couples that we know who got married in Ohio and we are the only ones who seem to have had this particular experience. I'm not sure what to make of this. 🙂

My question for you dear readers is this: Did any of you have a similar experience when applying for your marriage license?

I will close with a couple of pictures from our wedding:

Here's the happy couple:

picture of our wedding

Here is our cake:

picture of our wedding cake


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Glimpses of spring

We are seeing a number of signs of spring here this week and I thought I'd post a few recent pictures from around our house and yard today.

Don't you just love the smell of hyacinths? One flower can perfume an entire room for several days.

picture of Hyacinths 2011

Rob planted Hellebores on one side of our house which is very shaded. We have several varieties in shades of white, green, and purple. They are a bit tricky to photograph since the flower heads often hang downward.

picture of Hellebores 2011

Here are a few different varieties:

picture of Floating Hellebores

Our lot is pie shaped with the back of the lot the widest part. There is a drainage ditch that runs the entire width of the back of the lot. Rob and a couple of friends and neighbors have spent many hours hauling rocks and pouring cement. Rob also planted Liriope, Daffodils, and Daylilies in the back of the ditch closest to the fence to beautify the area. He has chronicled some of this project on his blog.

picture of Daffodils 2011

In our front yard we have a large flower box which has some pansies which have overwintered. There are also a few tulips and some hyacinths in there which haven't bloomed yet.

picture of Flower Box 2011

I know some of my readers live in areas which are still snow covered. My desire is that these pictures will give you hope that spring is on the way.

Another thing that is fast approaching is Nora's wedding. Here are a couple of glimpses of things to come:

Here's a little peek at her gown:

picture of Noras Gown

And, finally, here's a peek at the final bridesmaids dress. My sewing machine has been getting quite a workout for the last few weeks.

picture of Final Bridesmaid Dress

I hope you all either are or soon will be enjoying glimpses of spring in your neck of the woods too.


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