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Weekend update

We went to the lovely wedding of our daughter-in-law's sister Friday night. It was held at a beautiful location called the Acanthus on Lake Lyman in Greer, SC. There was a bit of delay at the start of the wedding because of a thunder shower, but eventually things could proceed as planned.

The owners built the house with the intent of using it for weddings and other receptions. Here's the front of the house:

picture of Front Of House

They have this old car which they use to speed the bride and groom away after the reception:

picture of Old Car

Here is Elizabeth, the bride and her father, David walking down the lawn toward the lake where the wedding was held:

picture of Liz And David

Here are Mark and Katie:

picture of Mark And Katie

The reception was held in a pavillion there on the property. It was a dessert reception and the food was beautifully presented. The groom just graduated from Clemson and this was his cake:

picture of Clemson Cake

Here are a couple more shots of some of the other food items:

picture of ReceptionFood1

picture of ReceptionFood2

Since Mark and Katie were both in the wedding Rob and I were given the task of watching Ryan for a while before and during the ceremony. He was very good and actually slept during most of the ceremony itself. Here he is with his doting grandpa:

picture of Ryan Rob 6-10

Here he is with his doting grandma:

picture of Ryan Becka 6-10

Here's another shot while we were waiting out the rain storm:

picture of Ryan6-10

And, finally, here's a picture of the newlyweds as they were about to leave for their honeymoon in their own vehicle.

picture of Michael and Liz


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