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Not much news from our neck of the woods

I truly don't have much to write about recently. We are finally about recovered from our big weekend just one month ago. I've got the house pretty well back in shape and Rob has been working on the yard and planting a few things in the garden.

It's exam week at school. Rob gave his first one on Saturday and has three more to go and then has to grade them all and figure final grades. Nora brought some things over here on Saturday morning for our subdivision's spring yard sale. She was able to get rid of I mean sell quite a few things. I didn't have much to sell this time because I usually donate things to a local charity pretty frequently to get them out of the house. I did manage to give away a couple of things and to sell one pair of shoes. I was really hoping to sell my vacuum cleaner — we recently replaced it with a newer model of the same brand. Anybody looking for a used vacuum that is a little worn looking but works well? It has loads of attachments and comes with eleven new bags.

picture of Riccar Vacuum

picture of Riccar Attachments

I did manage to visit a couple other homes in the neighborhood that were having yard sales and found this item that I have been looking for:

picture of Exersaucer

We will be needing it in a few months when this little fellow comes over to visit:

picture of Ryan Car Seat 5-1-11

I love Ryan's curly black hair.

picture of Ryans Hair 5-1-11

For those of you in the Greenville area on Monday, May 2nd Pebble Creek Pizza is having an anniversary sale. 14" cheese pizzas will be sold for $3.99 from noon until 9 PM. (The flyer said there is a limit of 1000 per customer!) Additional toppings are $1.50. They do have very good pizza and this is a good price.


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