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The two new men in my life

Well, we had a doubly blessed weekend. The wedding went off without a hitch, although they did get hitched. The bride was beautiful and everything turned out fine in spite of some complications with high winds and trying to set up the reception in a tent! Here is a picture of the happy couple and us:

About 3:30 the morning of the wedding we got a call from DS, Mark telling us that Katie was in labor and they were at the hospital. About three hours before the wedding he texted to tell us that they had broken her water and that she was dilated to 9. We were definitely torn emotionally with extreme joy for Nora and Topher at their wedding and with concern for Mark and Katie and the delivery of the baby. Later in the afternoon we heard from Mark that Ryan David had arrived at 2:56 (the wedding was at 2). He was turned face up and they had to use suction to help with the delivery. It caused some swelling and a wound on his head, but we still think he's pretty adorable. Both parents and baby are doing well and hope to go home from the hospital tomorrow.

We weren't able to take too many pictures at the wedding or the reception, but I will try to post some as people send them to us. I'm sure I'll also be posting lots of baby pictures too! 🙂